What does the customer expect from an author?

A customer spends money to purchase your item(s). They buy it with a hope in mind that they will be able to utilize the stuff and build awesome web properties. They have some expectations to the authors. An author should always keep it in mind and honor their clients. The customer expects some basic things from you, (the author). 

Accurate Item Description 

Be honest with the item description. Tell the audience actually what it is. What it can do and where they can use it. Customers read through an item details before making a purchase. If you don't provide the accurate information, they would be misguided. 

Go In Details

Describe the item as much as seems to be reasonable. A potential buyer should get a clear idea about an item from its description. Remember, if you sell an item with obscure information, it may cause confusion and eventually lead to a refund request.

Mention Known Issues

Mention known shortcomings where applicable. Suppose, if your particular theme faces an issue with a specific plugin or a relevant technology, tell it in the item description. It will help users have a better experience. 

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