When can/should I contact ThemeHunt?

If you want to contact ThemeHunt, you have several ways. You should consider some factors to determine whether you should contact ThemeHunt or an author. Suppose, if you face a problem with a theme, you should contact the author instead of us. Here are some potential situations when you may need to contact someone for help.

  • Item help: If you need some help to use an item purchased from ThemeHunt, you should contact the author on the item's individual support forum.
  • A query related to purchasing an item: If you have a question that affects your purchasing activities (e.g. availability of payment options, discounts & coupons, special offers etc.), you should contact ThemeHunt to be clear about the issue.
  • Unable to contact the author: If you are unable to contact the author because somehow they are not reachable or not responding, then you can contact us for assistance in that situation. 
  • Refund issue: To solve a refund issue, you must contact ThemeHunt because the author systematically cannot send a refund via this marketplace. 
  • Account management: If you get a question related to your ThemeHunt account, contact us via the contact form.

Please find more information about how to contact ThemeHunt here


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