How can I contact ThemeHunt?

You can contact ThemeHunt via this contact form (for the following cases).

  • Being a seller: If you want to become an author (or seller) on ThemeHunt and have a query about that, please ask using the email contact form.
  • Billing and withdrawal: Got a question about how the billing and withdrawal system work? Email us using the form.
  • Marketplace issue: Facing a problem in using ThemeHunt? The email form is designed to ask it!
  • Refund issues: You can get information about our refund policy here. Also, see the KB articles related to refunds and chargebacks. If you still have a question, please ask using the contact form.
  • Security and privacy: Have a suggestion or concern about the security/privacy on the marketplace? Feel free to inform us.
  • Payment options: If you have anything to know/inform about the payment/payout methods supported by ThemeHunt, use the contact form.
  • License & copyright: We take license and copyright issues seriously. Please contact us if you have a concern.
  • Item submission issues: Faced a problem while submitting an item? Let us know!
  • Problem while purchasing: If you ever notice any issue occurs while purchasing an item, inform us right away. 
  • Member & affiliation: Ask about our membership and affiliation. Also, see the relevant page about our affiliate program.
  • Others: The email contact form can also be used to contact us regarding else mentioned in the list above. Stay informed.

Pre-sale queries: If you any query on an item you can ask directly to that particular item's author. we integrated a system of Pre-Sale Live Chat so that both sides can be clear about the product before there is a purchase. 

Item support: Issues you face while using an item will be taken care of by the author of that particular item on an individual forum. The support system is totally item base. there's no single support forum now. Contact your author on item's particular support forum.

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