How to purchase an item on ThemeHunt?

Buying an item on ThemeHunt is easy and quick. Please follow the steps below to complete purchasing an item. Step 1: Open the specific item (details page) on ThemeHunt. The item description will be shown. Here you can read more about the item, see graphics, ratings, reviews and view the live...

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Why do I need to login to purchase an item on ThemeHunt?

ThemeHunt requires buyers to login to the marketplace before purchasing an item. It helps us better manage sales data and enables you to track your purchase history. Each buyer can see purchased items list on their ThemeHunt profile and could download a purchased product later. (N.B.: Remember,...

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How to create an account on ThemeHunt?

Creating an account with ThemeHunt is easy and fast. It involves only three steps.  Step 1: Visit and click the Login button found on the top right navigation bar.  Step 2: The login form will arrive. Click the 'Don't Have an Account?' link found below the login form.  Step 3:...

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How to use the ‘Add to Cart’ option?

The ‘Add to Cart’ option enables a customer to purchase several items at once. It literally works like the physical shopping carts we see in super shops. Steps to use the cart: Step 1: Visit collections/single items on ThemeHunt and click the ‘Add to Cart’ button for items you want. A new...

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What is the “Purchase Code”? Why is it used?

The Purchase Code is a unique identifier code which is automatically generated by our system and sent to the customer via email for and upon each purchase on this marketplace. This code helps us identify each single purchased item with the relevant customer profile and transaction...

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What is the copyright and licensing policy at ThemeHunt?

ThemeHunt follows a standard copyright and licensing policy. We respect others’ intellectual property rights and always aware to protect our own. As a user/visitor of this platform, we expect that you will also be respectful to others' IPs as well as conscious about your own copyrights/IPs. We...

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Where to ask a question about the marketplace?

If you want to learn something or have a suggestion/complaint relevant to this marketplace, please feel free to communicate us using this contact form. Please note, the contact form is intended for any query other than item support questions. Using the contact form, you are welcome to contact us...

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Can I get a refund? What’s the refund policy at ThemeHunt?

The refund policy of ThemeHunt is straight and transparent. You may be eligible to get a refund only if the item you purchased found completely non-functional or totally misrepresented. Our refund policy says: We do not issue refunds for digital products once the order is confirmed and the...

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When can/should I contact ThemeHunt?

If you want to contact ThemeHunt, you have several ways. You should consider some factors to determine whether you should contact ThemeHunt or an author. Suppose, if you face a problem with a theme, you should contact the author instead of us. Here are some potential situations when you may need...

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How can I contact ThemeHunt?

You can contact ThemeHunt via this contact form (for the following cases). Being a seller: If you want to become an author (or seller) on ThemeHunt and have a query about that, please ask using the email contact form. Billing and withdrawal: Got a question about how the billing and withdrawal...

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