In what situation should I request for support?

If you face a problem with a specific item, you need to contact the respective author on the item's individual forum. If the author doesn’t respond to your support request, you may file a complaint with us.  If you have a question related to any other topic relevant to ThemeHunt, you may contact...

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How can I get support for an item?

Customers can place any query immediately after buying an item. The author will be notified of this query for a prompt response. Instead of having a support forum away from the main site, this system places support on a tab close to the product. There is a system of an individual forum for each...

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How long an item is supported?

Each item is eligible to get supported by the respective author for a period of one year. The author may extend this compulsory support period if once the theme is unlisted from here as per discussions with the buyer. If the author doesn't respond to your support query you can contact us via this...

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Help with item documentation

Each item sold via ThemeHunt has a set of documentations inside the download package. You will get a folder named 'Documentation' inside the main theme directory you've downloaded from ThemeHunt. Check that for primary assistance with the item. If you need any further explanation regarding any...

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How can I contact an author?

Contacting an author is as easy as pie. You can contact an author before even purchasing an item. Place your question on the pre-sale live chat. Author will answer your question.  Every item has a system of individual support forum. You can contact the author if you have purchased any of that...

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What can/should I do if the author doesn’t respond?

Normally, authors respond promptly, because it’s a matter of reputation. But if for some reason it happens, for a support question, you’re not getting a response from the author, you should contact us.  Please consider reviewing this KB article on how to get support related to an item. If you...

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