Who will determine the item price? The author or ThemeHunt?

To ensure a level playing field, ThemeHunt determines the price of an item to be sold on this marketplace. Our review team extensively checks the quality and features of each individual submission before making these live. Thus the team gathers a complete idea on the best possible price of an...

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How can I withdraw my earnings?

ThemeHunt itself sends the earnings of the platform users in a regular basis. These payouts are calculated at the end of each calendar month and paid out on the 1st day of the following month via PayPal or Payoneer. If the 1st day of the disbursement month is a holiday, we will make the payout on...

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Which withdrawal methods does ThemeHunt support? How to set a payment withdrawal method?

ThemeHunt supports PayPal and Payoneer as payment withdrawal methods. You must be able to receive payment via at least one of these methods (PayPal or Payoneer) to sell items or earn via the affiliate program of this marketplace.  To add and set your payment withdrawal methods, please login to...

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How much does it cost to withdraw money from ThemeHunt?

ThemeHunt doesn’t charge any fee on withdrawal requests. But your withdrawal service provider (e.g. PayPal or Payoneer) may charge some transaction fee. That's out of our control. If you think that your current payment withdrawal method costs more than expected, try an alternative payment method...

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How to deal with chargebacks/reversals/refunds?

ThemeHunt has a transparent Refund Policy. If our policy covers, a customer may get a refund for a sold item. Every refund request is manually reviewed by our concerned team. If we decide to award a refund to a customer, the money will be deducted from the respective author’s...

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Who to pay the refunded amount?

The author is to pay the refunded amount. If it involves any transaction fee for completing the refund request, the buyer is to pay that transaction cost.  We don't expect any refund/chargeback situation to be occurred. But if we find a particular scenario suggesting that a refund should be...

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