How can I update a theme that is live on ThemeHunt?

Authors can update an approved theme on ThemeHunt to offer an improved user experience. To update an existing live theme, after preparing the update package appropriately, you need to follow the steps below.  Step 1. Login to your ThemeHunt account. Open My Items from your dashboard or directly...

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Do you have any guideline on item promotions?

ThemeHunt wishes success to all of its users. You can promote your items by considering moral and legal perspectives. Here are some best practices you should follow.  Your item description on ThemeHunt is the main field to promote your product. Be straightforward and honest while writing the...

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Why my item has been rejected?

An item may get rejected for several reasons. To reduce the risk of getting rejected, please follow the guidelines below.  Develop useful and aesthetically appealing themes. Follow coding best practices. Don’t copy others’ creations. Prepare your package well-organized. Provide truly useful...

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I’ve submitted an item, how much time will it require to be live on ThemeHunt?

Thank you for submitting your item on ThemeHunt. Please be informed that, it may take up to one week to review an item. Once our team completes an item review, an email is sent to the author with the result and status of the item.

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What can I do if my item gets rejected?

There are two types of rejections on ThemeHunt.    1. Soft rejection    2. Hard rejection You will get an email from ThemeHunt if one of your items gets a rejection from the review team. #  If your item gets a ‘Soft rejection’, that means the item is quite ready, but needs some changes to be...

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Can I offer a premium item for free outside of ThemeHunt?

No. You cannot offer a particular item simultaneously for free outside ThemeHunt while is already being offered as premium one on our marketplace. If you offer a specific item with exactly the similar features on a platform as a premium item, and for free on another platform, that will trigger an...

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