How to write the changelog for theme updates?

Changelogs are very important to inform the visitors/potential customers about the latest improvements in your theme. While updating an item, you should write the theme changelogs in the ‘Changelog’ field.    Here are the formats to write changelogs in order to getting the outputs with...

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What links or texts can I put in the item description, demo and downloadable package?

To make ThemeHunt a great marketplace for all of the buyers, authors, and other stakeholders, we require the authors to follow some best practices in inserting URLs, writing descriptions, creating preview pages and preparing the download packages. What we treat to be okay include but not limited...

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Name and Description Guidelines

ThemeHunt encourages the authors to follow some best practices while naming a theme and writing its descriptions. The item name and description writing guidelines are as follows.   1. Make it Clear Your item name and description must make it clear what it is developed for. Minimum 10 and...

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What resources can I use/include in my items?

The guideline is very straightforward. For an item you can use only the resources you have appropriate right to do so. Different assets may have different license types. Suppose, you can find some images that you can use only to create a demo site for demonstration purpose, but you may not be...

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Can I use open-source assets in my saleable items?

You can use an open-source asset/element only if the author(s) of the content expressly allows this. Check the asset documentations and licensing policy to learn about terms of use. In a particular item documentation, clearly mention (with source) that which open-source assets you have used in that.

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Is there any Bootstrap customization guideline?

Authors must ensure that their items meet some guidelines regarding Bootstrap customization. The theme must have a unique design so that it can be differentiated from the original Bootstrap design. All default Bootstrap elements are required. Item must use the latest stable release version of...

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