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There is no boundary in learning. If you are an expert in a particular sector, you would still want to sharpen your skill by adding more value to it. And if you are a beginner, it goes without saying that you need to improve way further than today. If you have been searching some free and convenient sources to learn web development, there are pretty good ways to get it. Today I’ll tell you about some free online sources to learn CSS.

At ShapeBootstrap, we always want to do something that will make the web prettier, smarter and faster. The marketplace is an awesome platform to express the creativity of designers and developers. Today we want to accelerate the gear of the entire process with a brand new tool. We've just launched our free and open source initiative IcoFont. It's a font icon generator that everyone can use in their projects at free of cost.

Well, 2016 is no longer a “New Year”, the celebration is over. It’s already the second quarter. The industry is moving ahead with new trends, innovations and inspirations. So what to see and discover from the jam-packed design world? Let me tell you about three web design trends from the beginning of Q2 2016. Hopefully you’ll find them truly awesome.

Social networking sites play a vital role in today’s internet age. These channels help sites get more traffic and better user engagement. One must incorporate social tools into their online assets to ensure easier interaction. However, it takes some efforts to integrate social media tools with a website. Luckily, there are many readymade social networking tools thanks to the dev community. Here are 7 sources of social sharing buttons for Bootstrap. 

Font icons are great alternative to PNG icons because the earlier saves web traffic and reduces page load time. Font icons are infinitely scalable, that means the graphic piece won’t break into pixels as you zoom in or view on a bigger display. With many other good things in Bootstrap, give it a boost with font icons. Here is a collection of free icon font tools.