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Contact forms are the gateways for the visitors to have their say about your products, services or contents on your website. You never know how any appreciation, modification suggestions or queries of your visitors you missed if you don’t have a contact form on your site. An ideal website must have a special page with a contact form and other contact information on it. You got lucky if you are using WordPress as there are plenty of contact form plugins that you can integrate to your site to serve this purpose. 

If you've ever searched for the most popular programming language, you must have found JavaScript at the beginning of the list. No matter whatever the language you work with you do need to come to JavaScript for front-end view and different events of your application. Being enriched with plenty of useful libraries, JavaScript is the single most demanded language of the web. JavaScript helps you build eye-catching websites that your visitors love. This is why learning JavaScript could be one of the best decisions you have ever made.

Websites that are most likely draw visitors attention are the websites that take comparatively less time to load. While loading speed of your website largely depends on the files you make your website with, you might as well think of minimizing file sizes. The idea of minifying code in order to minimize the file size comes to serve this purpose. Alongside increasing the loading speed, code minification has a lot of other benefits. We will now talk about some of the most useful minification tools that come very handy.

As we all know, Google’s Material Design is an unified system that combines theories, resources, and tools for crafting digital experiences. It is also the system for uniting style, branding, motion, and interaction under a set of principles. Recently, Material Design brought some interesting stuff in its latest update. This update is more about the color as it introduced a color tool. Let's discover what else there are with this update.

Choosing a website to visit depends on the need and interest of the visitors. Despite having quality contents and being search engine optimized, your website might encounter a staggering bounce rate. Because the time it takes to load your site is something that matters to all visitors. So your site loading speed remarkably affects your website traffics. You have got a strong reason to be tense about. Hakuna matata! We'll introduce you to some effective CSS tools which will eventually speed up your website performance.

When we think about building an e-commerce site on WordPress, WooCommerce comes in our mind. Over the years during its journey, WooCommerce has been synonymous to WordPress e-ecommerce. Being the most flexible to use and having been easy to integrate with available payment methods, WooCommerce has been incredibly popular. As a process of ensuring the best possible experience, Automattic has released WooCommerce 3.0. This updated version of WooCommerce comes with some more advancements in its features to let the users use WooCommerce in a better way.

Once you have made up your mind to develop beautiful websites, you need something to write your code on. A text editor (or a code editor, to say) serves this purpose and let you do the job comfortably. All great developers started their journey by being introduced with a text editor. When it comes to choosing a text editor for web development, there are plenty of options to choose from. Switching to one editor to another will kill your valuable time and will not make you comfortable with a particular one. Having that in mind, we will introduce you to 5 text editors that you will feel comfort with while writing code.

Choosing a beautiful theme is as important as building a website. If it is your business or something people need to be attracted to, then design and functionality of your website play a vital role that largely depend on the theme you choose. Once you have decided that you would build your website with WordPress, you are one step ahead of your competitors as there are a lot of themes for you to choose from. Sometimes this large number of themes could make you confused.

Most people would not argue about which browser to use, when they come to know Google Chrome alone has the lion’s share of browser distribution (74.1 % as of February 2017) among all the browsers available today. Moreover, everyone would want to increase the utility of the browser irrespective of the browser they use.Using extensions in Google Chrome is a great way to increase such utility for those who use Chrome.

Running a business is not as easy as it may seem. Beauty of being a successful entrepreneur lies in facing uphill struggles along the way. It takes patience, perseverance and high level up determination to walk through all odds and make business successful. In this age of internet a promising business always starts with a beautifully designed and full functioning website.