Every web admin loves feedback. Contact form is an effective way to collect user feedbacks online. Creating a contact form from the scrap sometimes seems to be a bit tricky. Luckily there are many readymade templates which you can implement into your website to get a great contact form. Let’s see some of the best jQuery Ajax based contact forms.

Are designers born or made? Let’s pass this debate to scholars. But we all know that polishing makes diamonds shine. So even if you are already a design expert, still there exist some great resources worth trying. For beginners, those are priceless. Let’s see 5 top sites to get web design learning resources.

Email marketing is a recognized way to achieve great user engagement and grow a business. You may get some extensions or plugins to send emails to target customers right from your website dashboard, but this method has some limitations. It puts loads on your server and chances are that the emails might be caught by spam filters due to some technical reasons. 

The first Alpha version of Bootstrap has been made available in mid August. This early development build hints that the upcoming version of the popular web development kit will get some great new features. The Bootstrap blog says there are a “ton of” major changes. However, let's see top 5 new features of Bootstrap 4.

Started from April 21 2015, search giant Google now uses mobile friendliness as a signal for ranking websites. In plain text, if your site is mobile friendly, Google will award it with a better ranking while listing in mobile search results. Bing has also introduced 'Mobile-Friendly' tag in search results. So, as a webmaster or site owner, you must ensure that your site renders well on mobile browsers. But how to test it? Here are top three tools to do that.