Designers who are equipped with advanced technologies and awesome tools are most likely to bring out stunning designs at ease. In fact, design tools help them work smoothly and save a lot of time. Designers feel more comfortable with these tools while designing something. In this article, we will introduce you to 25+ awesome design tools that would help you tremendously and boost the overall efficiency.

The importance of having dashboards for different websites is unequivocal. Whatever the services or products are the websites about, the need of having a dashboard for them is immense. Day by day it is growing with the increase of business websites. So it opens a Broadway for smart people to start a business of providing a perfect dashboard for the people who need them. If you are one of those smart ones thinking about launching a great dashboard that people take by storm, here’s a guideline on how to build a great dashboard that everyone loves.

Designing something does not depend on how skillfully someone uses tools (design software). A person with just the skill to use the design software can barely be called a designer. Actually, design is something beyond, something abstract, a science that brings out something that pleases people’s eye. Limiting design to just some software skills would probably hurt all the designers around the world. So, what does a designer do when he/she designs something? Or what are the things a designer considers before designing something? After going through a quality chat with some industry expert professional designers, we have listed some of the core things that a designer should have in mind before designing something.

Flexbox has become an integral part of frontend design. Because of its ability to create any layout flexibility, Flexbox has been being increasingly popular among the frontend designers around the world. But there’s another wonder arrived in the town already. That is CSS Grid. Despite having almost the same capability to power frontend design, each of them also has their own differences. So, if you have been so confused about which one to go for, here we come for you to decide on which one to settle with.

After two years of inpatient delay, Bootstrap 4 first beta has been released a few days back. There have been significant changes in the new version. Noticeably, the Bootstrap website also got a new look. Now, a question may pop up in your mind that, how wise would it be to use Bootstrap 4 Beta on your production site. It’s obvious that those who have been using the Alpha version for a long time will consider Beta much more stable. From a broader perspective, let’s find the answer of this questions after a deserving analysis.

Seeing is believing. Your best chance to impress your visitors with your website is to give an eye-catching look. What if visitors fall in love with the website even before they experience the functionalities? Yes a wonderful frontend of your website can offer such charm for your visitors. Most of the websites today use frontend frameworks as such frontend web frameworks are so easy to use and get things done with less code. When it is decided that you would use a framework to build your website template, it becomes a challenge to choose a particular one. Because there are plenty of frontend frameworks that can be used to shape a beautiful frontend for your site template. We will help you pick the right one in this article.


Being responsible for a whopping 28% of the internet alone, it’s no wonder that WordPress has a lot to offer for its users. Alongside all the popular pretty stuff of WordPress, there are some lesser known amazing things that you can do with the CMS. Plenty of plugins are in the WordPress directory to add extra features to your sites and a lot of other plugins with the latest technology are being released every day. Today, we will talk about some of the most wonderful plugins that can add unprecedented functionalities to your WordPress sites.

It feels wonderful when we get some suggestions based on the words we type in the search bar and see the results accordingly. It seems the system reads my mind and suggests the exact thing I meant to search. Such interactive search system is called live search which is basically an input field that has been programmed to load suggestions from a specific dataset. It is a lot like Google or Bing Search where people enter data to find their desired results. Live search in your application improves the user friendliness of your site regardless of whatever back-end technology your site is on. 

While Google's material design is hugely followed to design great looking Android applications, it’s no wonder that the other web application developers will be inspired to follow the trend. Material Design has reached far and beyond what many designers predicted in the beginning and is now a commonly regarded as the design standard for developing mobile websites. Many web developers follow Material Design pattern while building their web applications.