We’ve evolved from the promising sole Bootstrap marketplace to a trusted hub for theme authors, customers and community members over the course of our journey. Our efforts to make ShapeBootstrap a unique marketplace is geared up when we get a lot of praises and happy words from our valued users of all levels.

Today, we’ve advanced one more step by welcoming WordPress themes to ShapeBootstrap. Our advancement comes after a careful analysis of the user requests and understanding the demand of WordPress themes in today’s web arena. 

From now on, ShapeBootstrap is not only a marketplace for HTML templates but also a marketplace for WordPress professionals to step in. 

Customers get a collection of  quality WordPress themes 

ShapeBootstrap welcomes different types of quality WordPress themes that you have been looking for. We focus more on the quality and the standard of the themes so that our valued customers get the most out of their purchased themes. Our commitment to offering the best themes is at its highest while allowing each theme that is published in our marketplace.Customers who repeatedly searched WordPress themes on ShapeBootstrap will no longer be disappointed. A bulk of WordPress themes is on the way to be added to our ShapeBootstrap theme directory. Your desired WordPress themes will be showcased inside the WordPress themes category.  

Author’s best chance  to sell WordPress Themes

We ensure the best opportunities for the authors to sell WordPress themes just like the way they were comfortable with showcasing their HTML templates on ShapeBootstrap. WordPress professionals are welcome to enroll them as authors and publish their WordPress themes. We accept all types of WordPress themes upon maintaining WordPress rules and market standard. 

As a part of our relentless effort to serve our ShapeBootstrap community, we tend to respond to their rightful urge to buy and sell WordPress themes as we believe combined efforts from the both ends can make ShapeBootstrap awesome.

We owe a great deal to our existing authors and the community members for their awesome supports we had along the way. We hope our WordPress theme inclusion will not only inspire our existing authors to publish their WordPress themes but also hail plenty of WordPress developers to be a part of our awesome community.

If you have a ShapeBootstrap account, just log in to submit your WordPress theme. In case you don't, click here to create an account.


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