It’s a pretty good thing for us to inform you that ShapeBootstrap has been receiving a lot of new themes each week. Many of them are really awesome, while some still need further improvements. Getting a submission approved by a marketplace is a great news for any developer. To increase this chance, you may utilize some insider tips from me. Let’s see.


1. Make Something Useful

Create a theme that will be useful to the customer. Ensure that your specific item has all the relevant features potentially expected by its users. Do some study before starting the development and review the checklist before giving the final touch. Remember, there are lots of similar items available online, so if you want sales, you must have some unique selling points.


2. Never Copy-Paste

Okay, let me make it clear. Here I am pointing to a few bad practices that involve copying others’ works. Never submit a pirated item. Our review team checks each and every submission thoroughly, so don’t be over smart by trying to skip this stage with a copied theme. I know, most of the developers submit their own works, but I had to mention this point just as a precautionary measure.


3. Shape it Appealing

Create visually appealing themes. Shape your work with a great combination of colors, typography, imagery, effects and so on. Remember, the demo version of your theme plays a significant role in getting a higher conversion rate. Present the demo as gorgeous as possible. Also, make it functional. It will create a strong appeal in the visitor’s mind. Think yourself in the customer’s position and find more points about this.


4. Follow Coding Best Practices

Every sector of development has some best practices of coding. Bootstrap based theme/template development also has some standard rules you must obey in order to create a well-recognized product. Read the requirements for HTML5 templates/themes carefully before uploading a theme. 


5. Value Feedback

After you submit a theme to ShapeBootstrap, our review team reviews the item within one week. They check every possible aspect of the piece to see whether it meets the quality standard to attract sales on the marketplace. If the review team finds that the theme is ready to be live on ShapeBootstrap, they approve it and make it live with a reasonable price tag. If they think it needs some modification, you will get an email regarding that. Following these instructions would make it eligible to be live on the marketplace.


If you were planning to sell your amazing HTML themes via ShapeBootstrap, open an account (if not already) and submit your item today. You can earn up to 80% sales commission and also be able to declare custom discounts to boost your business. Happy coding.