Hello, devs! I’m here once again to tell you something interesting. This time, it’s an insider information right from the ShapeBootstrap developer team. Few minutes ago I met them and came to know that they are working on a groundbreaking feature that will further empower you on the platform.

Starting next month, sellers on the ShapeBootstrap marketplace will be awarded a feature to set custom discounts on their items. That means you will be able to offer discounts on your items to boost sales anytime. 

Sellers to get an option to set discounts ranging between 0% to 50% for any or all of their items on ShapeBootstrap. It’s totally up to you that for what time period the discount will be valid. You are in the control!

Here is another point I must clear. If there runs any present discount offer announced by the ShapeBootstrap authority, which is applied to all items on the marketplace, only that common discount offer will be valid

This exciting new feature is set to arrive on ShapeBootstrap by 10th of the next month when the marketplace will also get a brand new look with more additional features. Be with us to enjoy them all. Thank you for being a part of ShapeBootstrap.