What’s going to work? Yes, the teamwork. Working in a team is a very common phenomenon in the software industry. In fact, it is almost impossible to meet a large project’s deadline without teamwork. Version control system plays a great role here by letting developers work individually and merge them centrally. For the most part, going back to the previous version is the main thing what a version control system does. Git and GitHub are there to smoothen the workflow and ensure the team collaboration in the long run.

In many cases, you need to get users data. Undoubtedly, you will have forms on your site to execute this particular tusk. Sometimes you need large forms to collect data. But your visitors who will fill out those forms will get bored. Here come the jQuery form wizard plugins to help you with that. It can divide your forms into several forms and present smartly to your website visitors. We'll introduce you to 5 Best jQuery form wizard plugins that you can use for your website.

Flexbox has become an integral part of frontend design. Because of its ability to create any layout flexibility, Flexbox has been being increasingly popular among the frontend designers around the world. But there’s another wonder arrived in the town already. That is CSS Grid. Despite having almost the same capability to power frontend design, each of them also has their own differences. So, if you have been so confused about which one to go for, here we come for you to decide on which one to settle with.

Imagine that you are working on a particular project with a team. Your team members are working on different files of the same project and creating new files on their computers. Guess how difficult it is to revert the changes if someone makes a mistake or made something unnecessary. How complicated would it be to assemble the entire project when the work is done. It seems so difficult and this is where the version control system comes in. It keeps tracks of changes you all make and help you get back to any previous part even after going a long way with the project.