Indiegogo and Kickstarter are top crowdfunding platforms that have raised tens of millions of dollars for startups, proving that there is an entire market for crowdfunding.

If, these days, you are also thinking about launching a whole new crowdfunding website, which could compete with Kickstarter or Indiegogo, on your favorite CMS, look at the WP Crowdfunding plugin.

WP Crowdfunding is a feature-rich, user-friendly and easy-to-use WordPress plugin. This WooCommerce-based plugin lets you develop and launch a highly versatile and advanced fundraising website based on WordPress. You will get all necessary functionalities from this tool.

The best part of the WP Crowdfunding plugin is it’s free to use, which is great for developing a basic fundraising website. For developing advanced and large-scale fundraising websites, you can choose the premium version of the WP Crowdfunding plugin.

Benefits of using WP Crowdfunding Plugin

WP Crowdfunding Plugin gives you full control over your fundraising website while saving you tonnes of money. You can customize your website’s functionality as per your requirements. You can protect it against misuse and control everything, from the signup process for withdrawal requests and more.

Some of the top benefits of using the WP Crowdfunding Plugin are:

  • WP Crowdfunding Plugin gives you the total control of everything, from your website design and the method of funds processing to SEO and data collection.

  • It provides deeper insights into all activities on your fundraising website so that you can make necessary changes accordingly, to make your campaign a success.

  • You can perform A/B testing to experiment with copy, designs, rewards, etc., to get the best return on your campaign.

  • You can interact with investors as well as those interested in the progress of your campaign. You also get to add an event calendar, incorporate exit-intent pop-ups, collect leads, etc.

  • Once your campaign goal is met, you can convert the campaign site into a live site for the finished product or organization.

The WP Crowdfunding plugin comes with a Native Wallet System. This system constantly tracks the funds raised on the fundraising website. You can initiate a withdraw request after raising a particular amount of money which you also get to define.

Step by Step process to use the WP Crowdfunding Plugin to set up and manage your fundraising website

Step 1: Choose A WordPress Theme

Remember that you are not just developing a website that features a few contact forms for lead generation. In fact, you are creating a money-generating machine. Thus, your website theme must be fast, agile, and secure.

There are numerous non-profit and fundraising WordPress themes to choose from. Ideally, you should select a high-quality and lightweight theme that is easy to customize.

Step 2: Choose and Install your WP Crowdfunding version

Choose between the free, basic version and the paid, premium version of the WP Crowdfunding plugin. The free version is best for non-profit organizations and simple campaigns with basic requirements.

With the free version, you can:

  • Set your funding goals

  • Create beginning and ending dates

  • Create a submission form for lead generation

  • Manage user registration

  • Set recommended minimum and maximum donations

  • Add your payment gateway

On the other hand, choose the premium version to launch a massive crowdfunding campaign from your website. With this advanced version, you will be able to:

  • Define the rewards system for investors

  • Choice of a native wallet system or Stripe Connect

  • Email alerts

  • Analytics

  • Social shares

  • Access to premium themes

Step 3: Add Your Payment Gateway

If the WP Crowdfunding plugin includes a number of popular payment gateways. However, you can also add your own. Ensure that your desired payment gateway works when it’s connected to the submission form.

Step 4: Install All the Other Plugins You Need

To make your crowdfunding site run smoothly, make sure you fully optimize it and install plugins you absolutely need.

The most common and useful plugins, you may need are Hummingbird for speed, SmartCrawl Pro for SEO, WP Smush Pro for image optimization and Defender for security.

Security and performance are important for the success of any fundraising campaign. So make sure you have everything to ensure its security and expected performance.

Step 5: Install an SSL Certificate

Because you will be actively receiving payments from investors and donors from your crowdfunding website, an SSL certificate is important. Install an SSL certificate before launching your website live. 

Step 6: Get a CDN

If your platform accepts payments from investors around the globe, you will need a CDN to ensure no friction or sluggishness when international investors try to donate money on your website.

Step 7: Using the WP Crowdfunding Plugin to Create Your Crowdfunding Campaign

Look at the following demonstration based on the free version of the WP Crowdfunding plugin:

To install your WP Crowdfunding platform, go to Dashboard > Plugins > Add New.

Then, search WP Crowdfunding and click Install Now.

Installing the paid version

On the top right beside the “Add Plugins” click on an “Upload Plugin” button. 

Click on the “Browse” button to upload the ZIP file from your computer and click on “Install Now.”

After installation and activation of the plugin, go to Crowdfunding > License Page. Fill in the license key and click on “Connect with License key.”

You’re done!

  • For building your crowdfunding campaign, go to Products and click on Add New.

  • Enter the title and description of the fundraising campaign in the post editor.

  • Select product type as “Crowdfunding.” Enter all relevant details in the General tab.

  • Fill in all applicable details in the tabs on the left pane and fill in the details. Remember that free users can only add one reward per campaign.

  • Under the product type, write down the short description for your campaign. It will appear under the main image.

  • Enter reviews or campaign updates in the “Reviews” and “Campaign Update Status” fields.

  • Click on the “Set product image” under “Product image” for uploading the main product image.

Step 8: Launch the Campaign

You have created the fundraising website, and now you can launch it. Promote your crowdfunding campaign everywhere. Send email to your newsletter subscribers, share it on your social media pages, announced it on podcasts, get news outlets to cover it, etc.

Pay close attention to everything happening on your website to make sure everything is going as smoothly as expected.

Process For Customizing Your WP Crowdfunding Plugin

The WP Crowdfunding plugin comes with many options to help you customize your campaign. To access these settings, go to the general settings in the “Crowdfunding” found in the left panel.

Go to the “WooCommerce” tab and select the default listing and registration page. It gives you the option to choose if you want to display the crowdfunding campaign on your shop or anywhere else.

Customize the crowdfunding campaign page, by changing options under the “Style” tab.

To enable people to share your campaign on social media, check “Enable Social Share” in the “Social Media” tab. Select all the social media platforms you want to add and tap the “Save changes” button.

Adding Forms for Front-End Submission

To add front-end forms for users, you have to add a relevant WP Crowdfunding shortcodes to selected pages. It is very easy with the help of the dropdown menu in the WordPress editor.

Select the Form shortcode for adding the front-end submission form on your website.

You may customize the form to make it look attractive and match to your WordPress theme. Scroll down to see the fields where you can enter all details.

You can also set up rewards on the form.

Ideally, use a form with multiple pages rather a single long form. Break it into different categories to make it user-friendly. You can achieve it by using custom templates supported by the plugin.

WP Crowdfunding Pricing

WP Crowdfunding can be available for 100% free when developing basic fundraising websites.

The other two premium versions are:

Essential – $49

With this plan, you will get:

  • Use on one domain

  • Unlimited campaign rewards

  • Theme designed for WP Crowdfunding (you can preview the included theme in the demo)

  • Google ReCAPTCHA add-on

  • Email notifications add-on

  • Detailed reports add-on

Enterprise – $89

The Enterprise version provides everything in the Essential version, with another helpful payment integration:


  • Stripe Connect addon

  • Use on up three domains

Wrapping Up

The free version of the WP Crowdfunding plugin is a great tool to get you started. However, if you are passionate about creating a fundraising platform that could compete with Indiegogo and Kickstarter, you should buy the premium version. It will give you access to unlimited reward options, payment gateways, details analytics reports and so on. You will also get access to a special theme ideal for your crowdfunding platform.

For downloading WP Crowdfunding, click here.


You can also check out the free WP Crowdfunding demo to see how it works.