Designers who are equipped with advanced technologies and awesome tools are most likely to bring out stunning designs at ease. In fact, design tools help them work smoothly and save a lot of time. Designers feel more comfortable with these tools while designing something. In this article, we will introduce you to 25+ awesome design tools that would help you tremendously and boost the overall efficiency.

Handpicked design tools

There are so many design tools at your disposal, but you have to decide which one you need. These design tools come in different categories. Let’s know some of the amazing design tools that are being used by today’s smart designers.

1. UI/UX design & prototyping

Some design tools help you design smartly. In fact, you can barely be productive without these. Sketch and some of its cousins help you with UI/UX design & prototyping immensely.

2. Collaboration

Sharing design with others and having their feedback will improve your design quality continuously. Check these collaboration platforms to serve this purpose.

3. Free stock photos

Photos play a significant role in any kind of design. But how do you get photos which nobody have any copyright claim on. Unsplash and other mentioned below will be a great help.

 4. Typography

You have to choose the right font for the text you have on your design. Check the sources below to have a huge font collection.

5. Free icons

For different icons with many of their categories, you can go to the links below and find the icons you need for your design.

6. Pick colors

Just like the right font, the right color also positively influences design. It’s important to have the right color combination. There are tools that provide you different colors with their hexa codes that you can use.

7. Saving essential links

You may come across many articles and useful resource links where you need to go back to. So where do you save those links? The items below will answer this question well.

8. Browser extensions

There are also some essential browser extensions that can help you immensely. Try these browser extension below for their different uses

It’s not that one should use all the tools and resources mentioned above. You can use any of these when you need. There are options for you to try more than one in a particular category and then settle with one. Choose your design tools wisely and use these when you need. Trying many tools at a time is not going to help rather kill your valuable time.