Designing something does not depend on how skillfully someone uses tools (design software). A person with just the skill to use the design software can barely be called a designer. Actually, design is something beyond, something abstract, a science that brings out something that pleases people’s eye. Limiting design to just some software skills would probably hurt all the designers around the world. So, what does a designer do when he/she designs something? Or what are the things a designer considers before designing something? After going through a quality chat with some industry expert professional designers, we have listed some of the core things that a designer should have in mind before designing something.

What to consider before designing something

There are many things that a designer should bear in mind while designing something. But the essential things can be narrowed down to just a few. Out of so many things, we will shed light on some core things that you must consider before you design.

Gestalt Principles

The gestalt principles focus specifically on how design elements are grouped together. It says that humans naturally perceive objects as organized patterns and objects. The Gestalt Principles are organized into five categories. Namely: Proximity, Similarity, Continuity, Closure, and Connectedness. If you think about each of the categories independently and relate your design to it you will bring out something that people love.


No wonder color plays a significant role in anything you design. In fact, how your work will be received by your target audience particularly depend on the color. Any design that does not have relevant color combination will worth no value, no matter how skillfully you designed it or how long you took to design. Having the color sense of the target audience and the relation of color to the thing you design is something that designers value most. 


Shape is like the skeleton of the thing you design. Be sure to make the shape more relevant to your design. Shape can be more meaningful, can be something that says a lot about your design and can be abstract as well. The shapes and white spaces are used to create a perceived series of silhouettes.


If your design has some text in it, you must consider what font you should use, how much the size of the font will be. Your audience will not get the real vibe if things are not written in the perfect typography. It matters most when you want to draw people’s attention to your design. The wrong typography will define your design in a wrong way.


You can tell stories in images. Images represent what you are actually designing. You can visualize your thoughts in your design through images.Having relevant images on a design makes it more relevant and understandable to your target people. Size, type and the angle of using an image matter a lot. Not necessarily an image will be there in the way what it really is. It can be given some modifications, but make sure you use the right image.


Choice defers on the basis of gender too. Women's color sense differs from that of the men’s. Not only the color but also choice of men and women are different as well. Understanding who this design are for matters a lot. You should not generalize your design if it is for a particular gender group.

Country and community

Design sense varies area to area. An awesome design to a European may not be awesome to an Asian. The difference of places plays a big role in the design sense of people. Just like clothes, foods and all other differences, the choice of people from different part of the world is different.There are communities around the world. Each community has their own norms and culture. If your design does not match with the community it is meant for, then it is not going to add any value to them. It is very important that you take this into account while designing something for a particular group of people.


There are software and tools which you make your design with. Not every design will be done with the same software and tools. You have to think what tools make which design best. Designers with the right software will provide the right design. Even if it is possible to get the work done by regular technology you have to think about the appropriate software or tools to do this. Upgrading your design skills with modern technologies is so important. 


It is not that a designer should match his design to people’s religion but he must consider this while designing. A designer must not add something that goes against the target people’s religious belief. If your design goes against your audience’s religion, it is going to be rejected straight away. For the people in general, make your design generalized so that it neither supports nor goes against any particular religious group.

Cost analysis

Never design anything that your client can not afford. Whatever the product or thing is, it has to be within the range of the person you are designing for. Your effort will go in vain if it is not affordable for the people it is for. This is why the budget plays a significant role in design. You wouldn’t spend a long time for a work that pays you less. Would you? So always think about budget and make your design affordable.

Your design will make sense once you consider all the things above before you design. Those who are leading the industry with their design consider these to be followed. Innovation and creativity are something that you bring to your design yourself. But having all these things in mind will make you much more of an expert designer. Never limit yourself to just some design software and tools. Add value to your design with such type of design concepts.

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