The competitive tech industry requires products with rock solid UX for utmost flexibility and smooth system flow. Any of the web technological product development starts from design. So from the beginning of the process, the product should be top notch, researched and in purpose. As a designer, your key job is to develop a layout that fulfills the story of the purpose through a well designed UI and UX. To gain such kind of functionality every designer should have some coding knowledge. We are going to find out today why you should.

The industry heavily relies on designs as the solid ground brick block can set foundation of a successful product to go up in the market for competition. That's why industry requires and expects new skillset from you. Not only you do design but also have some knowledge on how coding works, what you can achieve with code and what you can not. The knowledge on coding will let you make a bridge to understand and think how your design will function in the product. And most important key point is that, this will also let you build a firm understanding between you and your product user to develop logics behind you design concept, how your user will access it, how they will be benefited.


Now let’s see some detailed reasons on why you as a web designer and your product both will be highly benefited by having some good knowledge in coding.



Efficiency in UX design may pave the way you desire to be on the top of your design. Knowledge on coding will bring new edge to your design efficiency. You will be able to understand the design elements and acceptability. The ultimate goal is to get the product accepted by the end users. Your effective UX design by understanding the development environment can ensure that.


Real time experience

In the virtual design environment, it is tough to get the realistic view all the time. A solid understanding of coding and development criteria will help you think realistic and will be to able to get a view on the design, how it will work on the real time environment. This is also an insurance of huge boost to the success of your product user experience. 


Belief and creativity

As mentioned in the previous point, while developing the UX of your design, you are unable to get a full picture of what will it be like in front of the valued user. Will the accesses satisfy the user? That particular fact can undermine your confidence and creativity. Knowing the coding will certainly give you a straight idea and logics behind your UX design and boost your confidence and creativity.


Task solving

Sometimes your designs will have to be there to solve some specific problems or you have to make a design that will increase user engagement and visual satisfaction. A good grasp on coding will let you understand user's movement, agility and system flow. That will certainly help you perform this kind of tasks.



Flexible UX design is the utmost priority and mostly expected from a designer in the tech world. Going up in the design rank and stepping up your designed product’s success require satisfying the user. Visual friendliness, keeping elements in the right place, and arranging functionalities in the smartest way, these are the least requirements. Solid understanding of coding will help you understand what limitations and advantages are there for you, with what you should jump in to develop a great design.


Cloaking up  

As a designer, there are lots other strong reasons to learn basic coding to determine the success and usability of your design. So start developing your skills right away and ensure growth in the tech industry. Also, please don't forget to share your opinions and thoughts with us.