We've made few changes we think you'll like. A major part of operating a template market is dealing with comments.  For all of us comments have obvious value.  We had Disqus comment system that works fine. While there is technically nothing wrong with this comment system, we needed more functionality from our comment system.

That's why we decided to implement a brand new commenting system on shapebootstrap.net to improve communication, especially between you and template developer.  In new system template provider will be notified when a new comment post which allows him to prepare quick respond to all asked questions from buyers and users.  Commenter will be notified anyone replied that comment. This allows you to check if template developer answer to yours doubts, pre-sales or technical questions.

We still collecting feedback from guests, customers and users and we are working hard to improve other aspects, appearance and UX of ShapeBootstrap. If you have any suggestions we’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.