Web administrators manage a range of resources, tools and services right from their dashboards. A good dashboard ensures an efficient workflow. Recently I’ve discovered a number of amazing dashboard templates. Let’s see 10 of them.



1. Health Analytics Dashboard

Although this dashboard preview focuses on health related information, you can definitely use it for other purposes. The template has a clean design and smart presentation. 



2. Velonic

Volcanic is an admin dashboard and frontend template. It organizes and shows real-time and periodic stats in a sensible way that you will love for sure. 



3. A Dashboard

Another admin dashboard you should check is titled ‘A Dashboard’ on Dribbble. The piece features some light colors, comfortable blocks and an overall intuitive look.



4. Zendesk Dashboard

Zendesk is a familiar name in the support/management arena. Many big companies rely on Zendesk’s system. It’s undoubtedly worth to take some inspiration from one of its dashboard designs. 



5. QueenAdmin

QueenAdmin is a Bootstrap based admin template with beautiful design and tons of ready-made elements like buttons, charts, filters, pages, widgets etc.



6. SJQHUB™ // B&I Dashboard

A colorful dashboard design that will make your site admins feel relaxed while analyzing these complex numbers. There is a background image as well.



7. AdminPro

AdminPro is a responsive admin template built with Bootstrap and AngularJS. This title can be used for varieties purposes such as web app, eCommerce management and so on.



8. Today

This dashboard design is basically focused on project managers which uses card style elements, light user interface and data visualization. It shows day-to-day stats with timestamps and more.



9. Dashboard User Interface

This prototype demonstrates airline data visualization on a website. There is a dark background and a bright typographical combination which creates an elite appearance.



10. Elixir

Elixir is a Bootstrap and AngularJS based admin dashboard template. The title features nested views, routing and also lazy load for managing larger projects.



How was the list? Do you have a favorite admin dashboard template/design suggestion? Please share it via comments!