Bill Gates said, “I choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it”. There is always an easy solution to every complex problem. We just need to discover the right way for the right aspect. Although the first part of the popular phrase ‘cheat sheet’ contains something you won’t expect from anyone. But the pair of words become a charm when it comes to dealing with a machine, or a process. A cheat sheet is a collection of quick notes, shortcuts and tricks to aid human memory for faster workflows.

There are lots of such cheat sheets for almost everything we do. Today I will share a handful of cheat sheets that will boost your web development productivity and save a big deal of time. Collect these for your own, and share with your friends!


The Mega HTML5 Cheatsheet

  • A rich collection of HTML5 tags and elements.

  • Includes tags, event attributes, browser support information, canvas etc.

  • Available as a web page, an infographic and a downloadable PDF file.


Complete CSS Cheat Sheet

  • A 29-page CSS cheat sheet.

  • Covers backgrounds, fonts, texts, colors, borders, UI and lot more.

  • Available as a PDF file and images.


JavaScript Cheatsheet

  • Offers a JavaScript cheat sheet, quick cards and browser object quick references.

  • Covers basic objects, date object, core DOM, RegExp, graphics and more.

  • Resources are available to download as PDF files and web pages.


jQuery Cheatsheet

  • A well designed and organized sheet that you will enjoy to use.

  • Provides quick resources for selectors, attributes/CSS, traversing, manipulation, core and more.

  • You can get it as the web version and also available as a downloadable PDF file.


The PHP Cheatsheet

  • A convenient and huge collection of PHP quick resources with source references.

  • Covers array, string, variable, date/time, math, filesystem, filter, directory, calendar, FTP etc.

  • Available as a webpage, a PDF file (general) and a special edition (PDF) for template designers.


Bootstrap 3 Cheatsheet

  • A compact but helpful sheet to master Bootstrap 3 framework.

  • Offers help with Bootstrap grids, columns, screen size behaviors and more.

  • Available as a PDF file.

  • More: Bootstrap 4 Cheat Sheet


Ultimate WordPress Development Cheatsheet

  • This cheat sheet contains lots of useful references for WordPress theme developers.

  • Covers stylesheets, page templates, browser compatibilities, style elements, WP codes etc.

  • Accessible from the web page and as an infographic.




I am sure you will find this post quite helpful in day to day web development works. If you have any suggestion regarding more quick references for smoother workflows, please share with the community by commenting below.