If you are a front-end web developer, you must stay tuned with the most effective and latest technologies relevant to your career. There are some tools that every front-end developer should use to shape designs into effective and functional pieces. As technology advances so fast, some of the front-end developers often fail to keep pace with the trend. Choosing the right technologies and making a better use of them always help developers make something out of the box.

In fact, no creation will add any value if the up-to-date technologies are not utilized properly. In this post, we’ll introduce you to some of the awesome tools that would augment your front-end web development skills.

Please note, the following list of 7 free tools for awesome front-end development does not follow any ascending or descending order. Each of them carry a great deal of value in their respective area.



Anyone thinks about building a website needs an editor to write codes on. Atom could absolutely be the best editor for the beginners. Atom is modern, approachable and hackable to the core. It is a tool that you can customize to do anything, and also can be used productively without even touching a config file. It is completely free. Atom is a very lightweight code editor. It is quite easy to use and takes a couple of clicks to be installed. Atom ensures higher execution speed. It works on multiple platforms. You can use Atom on OS X, Windows and Linux. Atom helps you write code faster with its smart and flexible autocomplete feature. Atom could be the perfect code editor for front-end developers of all skills.



Bootstrap is the most popular mobile-first HTML, CSS, JavaScripts framework for faster and easier web development. It is entirely free. Bootstrap is made for the front-end developers of all skill levels, devices of all shapes and projects of all sizes. It is completely open source, developed, hosted and maintained on GitHub. Bootstrap makes your site responsive irrespective of devices while it is so tough in manual process. Some frameworks like Laravel load Bootstrap by default. Anybody thinking about a mobile friendly and thoroughly responsive design, is highly recommended to go for Bootstrap without any second thought.



Codepen is one of the vastly used cloud IDEs. You can write code from your computer and save your projects on the cloud. You can even share your projects online. It is easy to use, super reliable. It is one of the best cloud IDEs for front-end developers. Codepen supports auto-updates whenever you make changes. Most of all, it supports most of the front-end libraries including LESS and SASS. Codepen does not limit you from using external resources of your choice.



Use of different icons on your site is something so important when it comes to designing websites professionally. Sometimes a single icon tells a lot more about a particular thing than a detailed text description does. Icofont could be a better choice for the front end developers who think about building something eye-catching. 2100+ icons with numerous categories will make your webpages amazing and noticeable to the visitors. Icofont is completely free. Any front-end developer can use them easily.



Foundation is a front-end framework for building stunning websites that fit to any device. Foundation makes it easy to design beautiful responsive websites, apps, emails that look amazing on any device. Foundation is flexible, readable and most of all completely customizable. It is being updated regularly to for flexibility and user-friendliness. Foundation could be an alternative to Bootstrap but it has a lot other features at the same time. Apart from building responsive websites, you can build responsive emails and web apps. 


Owl Carousel

Owl carousel is a jQuery plugin that lets developers create beautiful responsive sliders. It has 60 different  options to choose from. Owl carousel is easy to use. It comes handy for developers of all levels of skills. It is specially designed for mobile browsing experience and mouse drag works great on desktop. Owl Carousel is fully responsive that fits to any device. It augments your design experience with a lot of preset options.



Livepage is a very useful Google Chrome extension for web developers to execute their codes instantly. It executes codes in real time. Any change you make in the editor is displayed in real time without clicking the refresh button. It saves time and makes developing websites a lot faster. It helps you look at the most up-to-date appearances of your websites.


Every tool we discussed in this article is special in its own way. They all have their specific uses and functionalities. It is important for a developer to choose the right one. You might need to use numerous tools in a single project. It depends on the type of website you are building and also the type of functionalities & look you want to add to your sites.