Bootstrap allows developers to customize and extend the framework as they need. It comes with lots of built-in stuff required to create consistent and mobile-first layouts in a short period of time. There are many third-party plugins and addons to extend Bootstrap further. Here are 5 free Bootstrap extensions to boost your development efforts. 


1. jqBootstrapValidation

  • A popular jQuery form validator for Bootstrap.
  • It can check forms and display feedbacks in realtime as you fill them up.
  • Also supports checkboxes and minimum/maximum logics.



2. CSS3 Microsoft Modern Buttons

  • An easy-to-use CSS/JS library that utilizes CSS3 styles to create Microsoft’s modern button designs.
  • Cross-browser compatibility (from IE8 to the latest Chrome, including Firefox). 
  • Compatible with Bootstrap 2.0 and more.



3. rPage Pagination

  • A highly responsive pagination plugin that makes on-site navigation easier.
  • The plugin lets you add custom texts for ‘previous’ and ‘next’ links instead of just "«" and "»".
  • rPage automatically adjusts the number of links on the pagination bar as it shrinks. 



4. Bootstrap Star Rating

  • A powerful jQuery plugin for enabling star rating system on Bootstrap based sites.
  • Both left-to-right and right-to-left directions supported.
  • Advanced theme based styling support available. Can rate in different proportions. 



5. Bootstrap Confirmation

  • A confirmation dialogue box plugin for Bootstrap sites that asks the user’s confirmation before some specific actions.
  • It adds a popover wherever you want, instead of popups. Stay where you have been working!
  • Supports four directions (right, left, top and bottom).


Use these resources and of course, follow their license terms. If you have a suggestion, please share with the community via comments. Let’s develope better together.