Reaching your target people through email is cool. It’s probably one of the best ways to introduce your products and services to your potential customers. Apart from that, you can also convey reports, releases or announcements through emails. What if you have a system where you can have your subscribers and email them whenever you want? Yes, this is where the idea of email newsletter services comes in. When most of such services are costly, it is hard to find an email newsletter service that serves your purpose. So, for some small and medium-sized ventures, it becomes an extra burden to pay for such a service. Here in this article, we will introduce you to 5 best free email newsletter service providers.

Premium vs freemium

Of course, there are plenty of features in the premium services but the free ones will still serve you with some minor restrictions. You probably won’t be able to send a huge number of email at a time or there could be a certain number of email transactions in a month. Whatever the restriction they may have, your purpose will be served. Every service provider mentioned below has different premium packages. You can turn to any of those if your business grows. Starting out with a free service will be a wise decision for you. It will help you switch between the providers and settle with the best one for you.

Best free email newsletter services

So, let’s get introduced to some of the best free email newsletter services for your business. Read all of the items below before you settle with one.


MaileLite is probably the only one that gives you access to its all features in the free package. The MailerLite packages come in 4 different variations, but all packages include features like automation & landing pages as well as unlimited emails & 24/7 customer support. The Free one is declared to be free forever and has access to all features. You can have as many as 1000 subscribers in the free package. You can upgrade to any of the premium packages you need.


MailChimp is one of the most popular email service providers with the most number of features in the free package. You can send 9000 emails per month to up to 2000 subscribers. Alongside that, there are reporting, list management, and mobile features. There is such good number of generous subscriber amount, and it’s so user-friendly. There is a small ad banner in every email you send with MailChimp. And you cannot have any support if you use free package.

Constant Contact

Constant Contact offers a free 60-day plan. The free plan includes professional-looking templates, opt-in forms, detailed analytics, and an extensive online library of marketing tips and strategies. This platform is superbly easy to use. Most importantly, you don't have to supply a credit card for the free 60-day trial period. If after 60 days you decide this is the right platform for you, then go for any of their premium plans.


Although you can have an unlimited number of subscribers, SendInBlue’s free plan is a bit more restricted. You can have up to 9,000 p/m, but there is also a daily limit of 300. Annoyingly, you will have their branding present in all emails. Apart from that, you can use webforms and basic reporting in the free plan.


Benchmark offers 2,000 subscribers and 14,000 emails per month, webforms, list management, basic A/B testing services etc. It is a lot similar to MailChimp with a little difference. They offer a drag and drop editor but unfortunately, that is not included in the free plan. Yet there is a lot of features to enjoy in the free version.

If you have a small or medium-sized business, any of these free email newsletter service providers will be enough for you. The features in free plans vary to a nominal degree. So, don't’ worry about the restriction. Just start using any of the above and stick or switch to any other one you prefer using. Good luck.