While Google's material design is hugely followed to design great looking Android applications, it’s no wonder that the other web application developers will be inspired to follow the trend. Material Design has reached far and beyond what many designers predicted in the beginning and is now a commonly regarded as the design standard for developing mobile websites. Many web developers follow Material Design pattern while building their web applications.


Free Material Design Frameworks

There are plenty of Material Design frameworks for the developers who are willing to make web applications following Google’s Material Design. Out of many of these Material Design frameworks, we will discuss some free Material Design frameworks for you to decide which one to use.



Materialize is probably the best Material Design framework ever developed. There’s a young team of students from Carnegie Mellon University behind this awesome creation. It is quite easy to use requiring little to no setup. People who are familiar with other frameworks like Bootstrap can easily use it. There is a SASS version, which allows users to choose which components to include.


Material UI is a set of React Components that Implement Google's Material Design. It came about because of the love of React and Google's Material Design. This is why it is recommended that you know react before diving into Material-UI. Understanding how React fits into web development is so important here. There are also two different themes for users to choose from One is dark and another one is light.


MUI  is a very lightweight CSS framework that follows Google's Material Design guidelines. Its package includes all the necessary code to use MUI components on the web and over email. MUI developers are working on React and Web Components libraries to give developers more flexibility on the web. It was designed from the ground up to be fast, small and developer friendly.Surface


Surface is a CSS only framework in which many of the classic Material UI components are recreated without the help of any JavaScript or other programming languages. Being consist of just one CSS file, Surface is extremely lightweight and quite easy to use.Ionic Material

Ionic Material

Ionic Material integrates the best representations of Material Design into a single add-on library for Ionic Developers. You can pour material design into your Ionic hybrid apps with no complexity. Ionic Material is an extension library for the Ionic Framework, where you don't need to change the way you develop your Ionic hybrid apps to have them materialized. It adds new classes, methods, and helpers alongside a fresh set of CSS styles to bring the Material look to Ionic, without changing the way apps are developed with the framework.


There are so many Material Design frameworks at your disposal when it comes to building websites following Material Design concept. Choosing the one that meets your need the most can be tricky. Having this comparative description in your hand, you are no longer confused to pick the right one for you. Hope you make awesome web applications with these free Material Design frameworks.