Images play a great role to look your website better. This is why the presentation of images is of paramount consideration to all web artisans. There are different ways you can present images on your site. You can do it on your own or use any third party plugins to get this job done. If you choose the latter, there are plenty of jQuery image gallery plugins to choose from. In this article, we will introduce some of the free jQuery image gallery plugins that you can use in 2017 for your web projects.


Free jQuery image gallery plugins

After a careful analysis, we’ve listed some of the amazing image gallery plugins that are completely free to use for any type of web projects. Each of these plugins is different from all others. Read the article carefully and select the one that suits you the best.

1. Lightbox Gallery

Best free jQuery image gallery plugins 2017

Lightbox gallery is a newly developed image gallery plugin built on jQuery having all the latest gallery trends in mind. It is very simple and lightweight. You can easily integrate Lightbox Gallery with any of your projects. You will have no issues with smaller devices as it is 100% responsive. Lightbox’ way of presenting images will attract any of your website visitors, and on the top of everything, it is incredibly fast. If you are looking for a jQuery plugin to create a great looking image gallery, then Lightbox Gallery is the way to go.

2. Galleria

Best free jQuery image gallery plugins 2017

Galleria is a JavaScript image gallery. It’s built to simplify your process of creating a beautiful image gallery. You don’t have to be a programming expert to use it. It is about just some lines of code, adding some pictures, and you’re done. Galleria offers a lot of great tools, which will help you create your own image gallery. You can customize the look as you want. 

Apart from the free version, there are some cool features in the paid versions.

3. Sideways

Best free jQuery image gallery plugins 2017

Sideways is a simple, yet awesome fullscreen image gallery created with jQuery library and CSS. The gallery presents full-screen images in various modes and custom scrollbars. It is totally modern and eye catching. This one is considered to be the most suitable for photography portfolio showcasing as it can really give the right credit to the works with its ability to present your images in a great way.

4. Visual Lightbox

Best free jQuery image gallery plugins 2017

VisualLightBox is a free wizard jQuery plugin that lets you easily generate photo galleries on your websites. It is based on the LightBox2 script. You can create wonderful galleries without writing a single line of code. Visual Lightbox has a lot of templates on their website. You can use those for a variety of purposes. It is suitable for travel agencies, adventure blogs, work portfolio websites, and any website that needs a gallery on it.

5. TripTracker

Best free jQuery image gallery plugins 2017

TripTracker slideshow is a lightweight JavaScript image viewer with an amazing animated slideshow feature. It is very suitable for blog and travel sites. TripTracker is free to use on personal or commercial web pages, but the script is not supposed to be sold or exchanged for profit.

6. PrettyPhoto

PrettyPhoto is a jQuery lightbox clone. Alongside supporting images, it also supports videos, flash, YouTube, iframes, and Ajax. It’s a full blown media lightbox. It is quite easy to setup and very flexible to customize. The script is compatible with every major browser. It also comes with very useful APIs so PrettyPhoto can be launched from nearly anywhere.

7. Polaroid Gallery

Best free jQuery image gallery plugins 2017

Polaroid Gallery lets you create good looking image galleries with ease. It is a very lightweight jQuery plugin for your websites. It gives you a great looking image gallery which is 100% responsive.


Image gallery plugins can be a great help in building wonderful photo galleries on your websites. You can save your time and effort if you use them in your projects. You can try any of the above-mentioned jQuery plugins for free. Enjoy presenting your work in an awesome way with these image gallery plugins. Which image gallery plugin do you use on your site? Please share your thoughts and experiences with the community via the comment section below. Thanks in advance.