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Reaching your target people through email is cool. It’s probably one of the best ways to introduce your products and services to your potential customers. Apart from that, you can also convey reports, releases or announcements through emails. What if you have a system where you can have your subscribers and email them whenever you want? Yes, this is where the idea of email newsletter services comes in. When most of such services are costly, it is hard to find an email newsletter service that serves your purpose. So, for some small and medium-sized ventures, it becomes an extra burden to pay for such a service. Here in this article, we will introduce you to 5 best free email newsletter service providers.

Did you ever ask how YouTube was built when there was no YouTube? It’s definitely a difficult question to answer when every smart developer seeks helps from YouTube to build anything under the sun. Need to learn web design and development? No worries, there are millions of tutorials and instructive videos on YouTube for people to learn new skills. Anyone with the earnest desire to learn will never be disappointed. And the best part is you do not require money to learn this since YouTube is there. 

Seeing is believing. Your best chance to impress your visitors with your website is to give an eye-catching look. What if visitors fall in love with the website even before they experience the functionalities? Yes a wonderful frontend of your website can offer such charm for your visitors. Most of the websites today use frontend frameworks as such frontend web frameworks are so easy to use and get things done with less code. When it is decided that you would use a framework to build your website template, it becomes a challenge to choose a particular one. Because there are plenty of frontend frameworks that can be used to shape a beautiful frontend for your site template. We will help you pick the right one in this article.


It feels wonderful when we get some suggestions based on the words we type in the search bar and see the results accordingly. It seems the system reads my mind and suggests the exact thing I meant to search. Such interactive search system is called live search which is basically an input field that has been programmed to load suggestions from a specific dataset. It is a lot like Google or Bing Search where people enter data to find their desired results. Live search in your application improves the user friendliness of your site regardless of whatever back-end technology your site is on. 

While Google's material design is hugely followed to design great looking Android applications, it’s no wonder that the other web application developers will be inspired to follow the trend. Material Design has reached far and beyond what many designers predicted in the beginning and is now a commonly regarded as the design standard for developing mobile websites. Many web developers follow Material Design pattern while building their web applications.

While default HTML radios and checkboxes work fine, you barely feel the need to redesign them. What if you are little more choosy and want them to be just your way. Then, here is the process we want you to follow. In this article, we would introduce you to some wonderful JavaScript libraries that would help you give your radios and checkboxes awesome looks. Though you can do it on your own, our list of the JavaScript libraries will ease your effort and make things done with just a few lines of codes.

Images play a great role to look your website better. This is why the presentation of images is of paramount consideration to all web artisans. There are different ways you can present images on your site. You can do it on your own or use any third party plugins to get this job done. If you choose the latter, there are plenty of jQuery image gallery plugins to choose from. In this article, we will introduce some of the free jQuery image gallery plugins that you can use in 2017 for your web projects.

Bill Gates said, “I choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it”. There is always an easy solution to every complex problem. We just need to discover the right way for the right aspect. Although the first part of the popular phrase ‘cheat sheet’ contains something you won’t expect from anyone. But the pair of words become a charm when it comes to dealing with a machine, or a process. A cheat sheet is a collection of quick notes, shortcuts and tricks to aid human memory for faster workflows.

If you are a front-end web developer, you must stay tuned with the most effective and latest technologies relevant to your career. There are some tools that every front-end developer should use to shape designs into effective and functional pieces. As technology advances so fast, some of the front-end developers often fail to keep pace with the trend. Choosing the right technologies and making a better use of them always help developers make something out of the box.

UI kits offer diverse user interface elements such as template designs, buttons, featured items and so on that can dramatically accelerate your development activities by reducing projected time span. You can find lots of UI kits free and premium out there. Today I’ve prepared a collection of 7 best free UI kits you will find beautiful and useful for sure.