A few days ago, I shared some amazing CSS snippets for Bootstrap based developers. That post was well-received by our valuable readers. Actually, developers are too busy to explore the deep web for discovering all the great resources. That’s why today I’m back here again with some more dev tools. Let’s check some JavaScript resources that you will find useful.



1. Dynamics.js

Do you have a scientific project? Finding animations, effects and icons may be a bit difficult for such sites. Dynamics.js JavaScript library has ready to use effects, shapes, buttons etc. to assist you.  



2. Annotator.js

Annotator.js is a JavaScript plugin to enable your visitors to select texts on a web page, highlight them and add notes. Copying texts to the clipboard and sharing options are also available.



3. Smartcrop.js

This open-source JavaScript library uses an algorithm to crop images better. It’s commonly found that many sites crop images from the center. But cropping images considering the contents can work better in most cases.



4. Plotly.js

Ploty.js is an open-source charting library which you can use to present your data in a rich statistical way. The library has 20 readymade chart types, 3D graphs, SVG maps and more.



5. Textures.js

Textures.js is another JavaScript library for data visualization. You can generate SVG shapes with this set of tools and create objects with them. Scenarios where different shapes are needed to differentiate each other, Textures.js can come handy.



6. Responsible.js

Small but useful. Responsible.js provides an option to your visitor to toggle between the mobile and desktop layout with a tap. It’s a UX matter which is very important in this mobile age. 



7. Impress.js

Impress.js renovates the traditional slide-based web presentation. In general, we see a plain frame-after-frame presentation, but this tool shows an innovative way to present information. 



8. ItemSlide.js

A simple and beautiful carousel that supports touch sweeping, mouse scrolling, swiping out slides and other standard gestures. It’s mobile friendly. 



9. AntiModerate

AntiModerate is a progressive image loading library that improves your website visitors’ user experience by showing a faded preview in the place of a big image while loading it in the background.



10. Instantsearch.js

An open source project developed by Algolia and maintained on GitHub. The title is self-describing, the library of widgets offers a smooth search experience on websites.



As a developer, you must have some suggestions about JavaScript tools, frameworks, libraries and other resources. Please share with us via comments.