Bootstrap infrastructure includes several table styles that can fulfill most of your data visualisation needs. You get the basic, simple, row based table design to bordered and colored ones. These built-in table structures can lessen development time a lot. If you need more table functions, you may use additional plugins for this. I’ve gathered 5 free Bootstrap table plugins. Let’s see them.



1. DataTables 

  • It can be integrated with Bootstrap 3 using the native table styling options.
  • Uniform design, table pagination, search, dropdown options etc.
  • Free and open source, MIT license.
  • Paid version also available with additional features.



2. Bootstrap Table

  • Extended table plugin for Bootstrap templates with additional features.
  • Bootstrap 2 and 3 supported. Localization available. 
  • Radio button, checkbox, pagination, column formatting, card view etc.
  • Free downloadable, source code available, MIT license.



3. Bootstrap Datagrid

  • A jQuery datagrid plugin compatible with Bootstrap 2 and 3.
  • Free, open source. Available under MIT license.
  • Show/hide, style columns. Advanced filters, select/deselect contents.
  • Multicolumn and flexible data sorting, fully configurable, pagination and more.



4. WATable

  • A Bootstrap 3+ jQuery table plugin.
  • Versatile row-column configuration options. Faster operations.
  • Extensive content organization features like checking, sorting, coloring, filtering etc.
  • Free downloadable, source code available. MIT license.



5. reactbsTable

  • A react.js based table component for Bootstrap.
  • Features include scrolling, aligning, hiding/unhiding contents, pagination, row selection etc.
  • Rich UI, on-the-fly table updating ability.
  • Downloadable for free. I was unable to find the license information, so please explore the package and the component page to see if the info is updated.



Wanna suggest more amazing table plugins for Bootstrap? Share via comments!