Many people use Bootstrap because of its responsive nature and tons of built-in elements. The framework drastically abates the hassle and time required by developers. There are ready-made button designs, menu structures, scripts and more loaded inside Bootstrap. It’s always a good idea to do some customization to your Bootstrap design so it looks more innovative and of course, more beautiful. Let’s see some ways.



1. Change Button Styles

Customize the default Bootstrap button designs to present your site in a different style than the common ones. The frontend framework already offers a collection of button designs, still it’s worthy to get some customization. You can use a different button color, button effect, companion icon and so on by having a little customization. There are several ways to do it. I’ve found some web tools for this. Try Bootsnipp, Charliepark and Koalite. Also search the internet to get more.



2. Customize the Navigation Bar

Bootstrap has its own navbar designs. These are being used by lots of sites. If you want to stay ahead of the stream, customize your Bootstrap navigation bar and thus make the header section more attractive. Take inspiration from these real-life examples and create your own design. Check out another collection crafted by another popular site to get inspiration for building an awesome navbar. To learn how to create a new navbar, see this post



3. Use Custom Fonts

Use custom fonts to represent your business information in a beautiful typographic style. The default Bootstrap font is good, but if you want to stand out from the crowd, choosing a different, probably a suitable one for your site design would work better. Check our list of 20 top Google web fonts to use in 2016 here and you may like to choose from that well tailored collection. Using a combination of more than one fonts is a fantastic idea for a compelling design. Font Awesome icon font set is a great solution to create faster, cooler and smoother visual experience. Don’t forget to try it.



4. More Colors

You can change Bootstrap element colors like navbar color, text color, hover color, background etc. See this tutorial to learn how to do it. See this showcase where Bootstrap’s official site presents a bunch of beautiful sites built using the framework. 



5. Use CSS Tools to Add Animations and More

Bootstrap’s carousel component is a slideshow or cycling system. You can customize carousels to add extra features like animations, captions etc. Also add hover effects on buttons by using CSS tricks. In a recent post, we’ve covered some amazing CSS tools that you will definitely like to apply on your site. 



As a developer and/or designer, you must have some more ideas on how to customize Bootstrap designs. What are these? Share with us!