After two years of inpatient delay, Bootstrap 4 first beta has been released a few days back. There have been significant changes in the new version. Noticeably, the Bootstrap website also got a new look. Now, a question may pop up in your mind that, how wise would it be to use Bootstrap 4 Beta on your production site. It’s obvious that those who have been using the Alpha version for a long time will consider Beta much more stable. From a broader perspective, let’s find the answer of this questions after a deserving analysis.

Bootstrap modal is so useful when it comes to showing the visitors any particular content upon clicking on a button. It saves your time from creating extra pages for your websites. Modal is a lightweight JavaScript popup that is easily customizable and fully responsive. It can be used to display alert popups, videos, and images on any page of your site. Any website built with Bootstrap can showcase any of these types of content with modals.

Social networking sites play a vital role in today’s internet age. These channels help sites get more traffic and better user engagement. One must incorporate social tools into their online assets to ensure easier interaction. However, it takes some efforts to integrate social media tools with a website. Luckily, there are many readymade social networking tools thanks to the dev community. Here are 7 sources of social sharing buttons for Bootstrap. 

Bootstrap infrastructure includes several table styles that can fulfill most of your data visualisation needs. You get the basic, simple, row based table design to bordered and colored ones. These built-in table structures can lessen development time a lot. If you need more table functions, you may use additional plugins for this. I’ve gathered 5 free Bootstrap table plugins. Let’s see them.

Many people use Bootstrap because of its responsive nature and tons of built-in elements. The framework drastically abates the hassle and time required by developers. There are ready-made button designs, menu structures, scripts and more loaded inside Bootstrap. It’s always a good idea to do some customization to your Bootstrap design so it looks more innovative and of course, more beautiful. Let’s see some ways.