With the ever expanding galaxy, the web design is also evolving with newest of trends. In the past few years we have seen a huge revolution in the field of web design. Creative and user-friendly design trends and technologies are gradually unfolding with their full potential to ensure satisfaction of modern day web experience. We believe, in the year 2017 the revolution will be continued.

It’s a good practice to follow the latest design trends as it keeps you updated with amazing things the designers and developers are implementing. As it is not good to be tagged #old with your design, let’s take a peek on the predictions which web design trends will dictate in 2017.



Cinemagraphs in web design is either a GIF or a video with repeated movements of the elements. Cinemagraphs is currently the most emerging web technology that is gaining popularity because of its attractiveness and visual satisfaction. Recent usage of visually wondrous cinematography suggests it’s a trend worth to follow. Visit Merci-michel  for a glimpse.




Modular Grid Design

Modular grid design is not a new thing in the designing world. But the recent analytics suggests that the usage of modular grid design is gradually increasing and expected to jump out with full potential in the year 2017. The Modular design follows a block or grid pattern of element display, implicates a beautified looks and enrich the gazing experience. Liveqordie is such example




Ornamented Details

The design pattern of content display is gradually shifting from minimal, raw design. Contents are now displayed with ornamented ways with shifting, boxed or with lots of animations. The content button design also changed from typical flat design to shadowed, soft design with great hovel effects. The Wow company is such an example.




Increased Use of Animations

The use of animations in web design is increased the great number in the recent past year as they are by far the best way of showing or expressing things. The visual satisfaction of animations are urging designers to follow this trend, and it is expected that in 2017 we will see a great number of animation usage in web design. You can visit Du Haihang to get amazed.




Richer Background and Pattern

Recent past more and more trend came in the background perspective, but the most recent trend that gained popularity is richer content based background with pattern. Because of the decorative output of the patterned background, it is gaining ultimate popularity, and we believe this trend will be a bigger trend in 2017. Affinity is the latest among the websites used patterned background.




Bold, Creative Typography

In 2016 we saw a creative use of typography and expected that trend would follow in 2017. To increase the web visitor's visual experiences, typography plays a vital role. Also, a good design mostly depends on the trendy typographic design. Content focused and bold typography is gaining popularity in recent days. In 2017 the creative usage of bold typography will be a core practice, most designers agreed on that. Get a glimpse on Ig Khair's amazing typography.




Coloured Gradient 

More and more brands are using color gradient in the background of the webpage. The usage of gradient on the web design was quite popular in the recent past. The trend was shifted to imagery but the recent statistics shows that the trend is back in 2016 and in 2017 we believe the use of gradient in the web designs will be more because of its minimalistic but attractive nature. Have a look at Air nauts glazy beautified color gradient used background.



SVG Format

Because of the terrible experience of image resizing in JPEG or PNG format, the SVG format is gaining popularity as it can be rendered perfectly no matter what size or what scale. In 2017 we firmly believe the SVG trend will emerge greatly in the designing world. Face Of Power used all their images in SVG format and they are super fast.



More Flat Design

Flat design trend is in its full swing in the recent past years and we believe the trend will be continued in 2017. The visual friendliness and sophisticated look of flat design satisfying the everyone in the web world. We thinkthe trend will be followed and we will see some great flat designs in 2017. Wokine’s amazing flat designed website is the newest among the flat design trend.



Increased Use of Hand Drawn Design

Leading web designers belief is that the trend of using of hand drawn elements in web design will rise in 2017 to bring uniqueness and greater view in the web design. Popitas website is developed totally with hand drawn elements.



Wrapping up

These our expected design trends that will bring more perfection and creative designing work. What trend will you follow? Don’t forget to share your thought with us.