A landing page is a specially designed web page that focuses on a single subject and exists with a goal of conversation. It may stand apart from the main site’s homepage. Rather detailing a company’s total portfolio, a landing page usually talks about a specific product or service and intended to achieve sales. 


A few days ago, I’ve published an article on tips to build a high converting landing page. Today I’m going to show you seven examples of beautiful landing pages from where you can take inspirations and create your own fantastic design.



TNW Momentum

Popular technology blog site The Next Web maintains a landing page for their tech conferences. The landing page is called Momentum which has a stunning and dynamic design and looks festive with a good UI/UX.




An air purifier site with a slow-motion large background video which starts playing as you land on the page. There is a scrolling scale to the right side which indicates the current browsing portion. 




The accessory maker’s headphone landing page comes with an interesting concept. It shows the products from different angles and offers two side-by-side auto-playing videos which you can drag to expand to watch the full sized clip. 




This web page introduces to a drone camera that can take your photos and record videos. The site is interactive. As you scroll through the landing page, the contents response smartly. 




A landing page to introduce ‘blue’ sensor gadget and its companion app for mobile devices. The product measures swimming pool’s water quality, which is nicely hinted by water and bubble imagery on the site. 




Lix is an electric 3D pen which lets you draw three-dimensional models. The Kickstarter project has its own web page where the pen is nicely demonstrated in action. It’s really informative. 




This company sells egg whites and displays a product package on the site. It has no video on the front page, but while you browse around, the product image changes smoothly which gives an animated experience. The approach is really appreciable. 


Did you like these examples? Do you have a suggestion? Please share your ideas and thoughts via comments.