Everyday we visit lots of websites. What do you do if you find a great site or a piece of quote or something else that could inspire? Keeping inspirations at the fingertips is very important to utilize the spirit. Today I’ll tell you about a handy visual bookmarking tool. 

Recently I’ve found Dragdis (although it’s pretty old), a small but useful browser extension that helps save inspirations online and access them from anywhere. The extension is currently available for Chrome only. After getting Dragdis, you will be able to drag-and-save online contents for future reference.

To start using the service, at first you need to open an account with Dragdis. Then install and enable its extension on Chrome. While visiting a website, if you want to save an image or some texts, just drag that to the right side, a sidebar will appear. Release the content on a folder inside the Dragdis sidebar. It will be stored online with a link to the original content. 

If you want to save a website link, just click the icon appears before HTTP/HTTPS on the address bar and drag it to the Dragdis folder to the right side. The tool will take a screenshot of the site and save the link. Saving an online video is actually saving its link with a thumbnail image. In essence, you can save anything appears online.

Not only saving inspirations, you can also collaborate with others using Dragdis. Its folders can be shared with other users and they can save stuff inside these common folders. 

Dragdis free account users can create up to 5 folders, but there is no limit on how many items they can store using the tool. A monthly $5 fee gives the ability to create unlimited folders.

I hope you will find this tool easy and quick to bookmark interesting things. Which tool do you use to save inspiration?