Well, 2016 is no longer a “New Year”, the celebration is over. It’s already the second quarter. The industry is moving ahead with new trends, innovations and inspirations. So what to see and discover from the jam-packed design world? Let me tell you about three web design trends from the beginning of Q2 2016. Hopefully you’ll find them truly awesome.


1. Duotone

The concept is not new, but a remarkably growing number of designers are using duotone in their web projects. Duotone is a multi tone imagery technique. In naked eye view, a duotone image is something like a grayscale image covered by a transparent shade of a color. Halftone reproduction and image superimposition techniques are heavily used in duotone designs. In effect, duotone brings a consistency and symphony in the entire site design. Photoshop and some script tools such as Colofilter.css, jQuery Duotone, Duotone Colorschemes and such other tools can be used to create duotones. Duotones may sometimes use more than two colors (multitone). [Screenshot taken from Mirage Festival]



2. Parallax

Parallax is nothing new in the digital world. The concept was popularly used in the videogames industry decades ago. Parallax design phenomenon involves several layers. There is a background on the site, and other elements are top of the background. Up to this point, it sounds as usual. But Parallax comes in action when you scroll the site or start interacting with it. The main concept of Parallax design is moving the different layers of a site in different speeds. When you scroll down to a site, all the elements should move up. If they do it in a different speed, it will create a animation-like effect which is known as Parallax.  [Screenshot taken from Primer]



3. Catchy Typography

Typography is being significantly weighted nowadays. It’s no more used just for text-only communication, rather it works side-by-side with graphic contents. Today PNGs are being replaced by font icons (and SVGs). Font icons are a kind of typography. General alphanumeric characters are also used in the place of graphic contents. You cannot build a website without texts, but you can do it without images (take it for the sake of comparison), by using typographic arts. Yes, it’s a trend as well. A big bold word can provide a clear message and brand you at the same time. Do some brainstorming and find the creative uses of texts!  [Screenshot taken from Ebookers]



Trends change over time. What changes do you notice today in yesterday’s trends? Which design concept do you think the most trending at present? Let’s discuss!