Front-end web developers work with HTML, CSS and JavaScript for sites or online apps. It’s also known as client side development. Front-end developers make it possible for users to interact directly with the web. In this sector, tools are being updated and changed frequently. Today I’ll talk about seven amazing front-end development tools.


1. Bootstrap

  • Originally created by two Twitter employees @mdo and @fat.
  • The most popular front-end framework with responsive and mobile first approach.
  • Bootstrap can fasten your development process drastically with its built-in elements.
  • It’s free and open-source. There is a strong support community.



2. GitHub

  • The most popular version control service, an online Git repository hosting service.
  • GitHub enables you host and access your codes on the cloud.
  • Excellent for code collaboration and sharing with the world.
  • Public projects are free, private project costs starts from $7/month.



3 . Sublime Text

  • A hugely popular text editor app used for writing codes.
  • A black background hosting colorful texts with tons of shortcuts.
  • Your eyes will not get tired while coding with this software.
  • Simultaneous editing, auto-complete features, faster navigation and more.



4. Chrome DevTools

  • Created by Google and provided inside Chrome browser.
  • Chrome Developer Tools (DevTools) can be used to check website codes live.
  • You can edit the code and see result instantly.
  • Debugging, reviewing and streamlining projects made easy with Chrome DevTools.



5. LiveReload

  • An interesting tool that updates your project live as you update it.
  • You need a backend tool and a client side tool to enable live reload.
  • To start using it, download the coder side software, and install the browser extension.
  • Free version available while a $10 license can unlock more features.



6. Font Awesome

  • Font Awesome is a “pictographic language” that can express almost all web related actions.
  • It’s a single font that provides more than 600 icons.
  • Font Awesome icons are infinitely scalable, so no fear of blurred icons.
  • The font is free, and works without JavaScript that means very low compatibility concerns.




  • A local development environment. MAMP stands for ‘My Apache - MySQL - PHP’.
  • Easy to install, use and manage localhost projects.
  • Fast and user-friendly features. Even the first time users can easily handle it.
  • Available for Windows and Mac. Both free and paid. 



Which are your favorite front-end development tools? Share with us via comments!