Bootstrap framework comes with lots of built-in components and plugins with that you can build a great template for a stunning website. Moreover, there are many third-party elements to extend the platform’s functionality. I’ve gathered 15 amazing and free jQuery sliders for Bootstrap.



1. bxSlider

  • bxSlider is a fully responsive jQuery content slider. 
  • The element has three modes- horizontal, vertical, and fade. 
  • You can place images, videos or html contents inside bxSlider.
  • Touch screen supported. 



2. Jssor Slider

  • Very lightweight. Minimum code snippet is 17KB.
  • Promises smooth slider animation with less CPU usage.
  • Cross-browser support
  • Tons of customization options.



3. Swiper

  • Mobile-first approach. Touch/swipe supported.
  • Android, iOS, Windows mobile and desktop browser compatible.
  • Fully RTL ready, so build sites in middle-eastern languages- no worries.
  • You can use Swiper on mobile apps as well. 



4. FlexSlider

  • Developed by WooThemes, one of the the popular names on the web.
  • Simple user interface. Hardware acceleration supported. 
  • Compatible with all major browsers/versions. Touch and swipe enabled.
  • Custom navigation options. Several slider animations.



5. Superslides

  • It’s a fullscreen responsive slider.
  • Smart image alignment at the centre.
  • Hardware acceleration supported.
  • Touchscreen, cross-browser and swipe compatible.



6. Unslider

  • Unslider is a lightweight jQuery slider.
  • Fully responsive and cross-browser compatible.
  • Supports touch screen.
  • No performance lag on even mobile browser. 



7. AnythingSlider

  • Capable of displaying images, videos, texts or HTML contents.
  • Not responsive. Resizable.
  • Multiple sliding effects available.
  • Advanced content linking.



8. RTP Slider

  • Responsive and fluid design.
  • Mobile friendly, touch/swipe supported.
  • Cross-browser compatible.
  • Capable of displaying custom contents and animation.



9. PgwSlider 

  • Fully responsive and cross-browser supported.
  • Touch screen friendly.
  • Tiled/list style design option available. 
  • Extensive control.



10. ayaSlider

  • Flexible and responsive.
  • Mobile and touch friendly.
  • Supports many contents as slide frames- everything can be animated.
  • Extensive customization options available.



11. Liquid Slider

  • Responsive, mobile friendly and easy to use.
  • Hardware acceleration supported.
  • Animation and transition effects available.
  • Cross-browser support.



12. StackSlider

  • Fully responsive, cross-browser support yet to be confirmed.
  • 3D effects in animation and transition.
  • Realistic approach.
  • Touch and mobile compatible.



13. Immersive Slider

  • Lightweight and fully responsive.
  • Mobile and touch screen friendly.
  • Unique design with in-frame container.
  • Transition effects and slider animation.



14. 360 Image Slider

  • This slider is a bit slower, but useful where applicable.
  • It uses a number of pre-rendered images that you can swipe to get a 360 degree view.
  • Mobile and touch supported.
  • Realistic approach. 


15. Fullscreen Slit Slider

  • Fullscreen slider view.
  • Fully responsive, mobile and touch friendly.
  • Smooth and lightweight.
  • Multiple design variations to meet your requirements. 



Do you have any slider suggestion? What’s that?