A well-curated email subscriber list is an asset for any business. Email is considered as one of the most effective marketing media. That’s why you must be careful while designing email newsletter or marketing campaigns. Today I’m gonna discuss some deadly mistakes that you must avoid in email newsletter marketing.



1. Sending Emails without Permission

It’s a crucial mistake which may arise legal disputes in some situations. Adding someone to your email list without getting their permission is not a sign of professionalism. It may irritate the recipient. Ultimately this will cost your brand image and most likely trigger a spam signal against your domain. So don’t do this mistake at all. Best practice is sending the subscriber an email with a button/link to confirm the subscription via email. 



2. Sending without Testing

People use many types of devices. There are lots of screen sizes, browsers and several major platforms. Do your emails open up in all of these settings? Try it on at least some of the mostly targeted devices being used by the recipients. Check the rendering style. Ensure that you’ve put the correct links inside. Double check whether the buttons are working. Some email clients may not support some contents, say, a button. Put alternative links in text form as well to let the user visit it on browser. 



3. Not Segmenting the Recipients

You may offer several products or services. Not all of your subscribers use everything what you provide. Sending emails to the right person increases sales, decreases unsubscribe rates and accelerates engagement. Categorize users’ email addresses according to their purchase history, interests, previous actions etc. Do some research, don’t make the mistake of mass emailing what many small businesses do.



4. Lack of Options to Subscribe/Unsubscribe

Do you have the email subscription form at an easily noticeable place? Many people just put the subscription form on the sidebar and think they are done. This is not good. You need to conduct some study and find out which location gives the best outcome. Putting the subscription form on more than one places is also an effective idea. You can read a previous post of our blog to learn the best places where you can display the email subscription form.

Again, in every email newsletter, provide an option to unsubscribe users by themselves from the mailing list. 



5. No Analysis

Analyze the results of email marketing campaigns and figure out the open rate, link click rate, sales numbers, unsubscription rate etc. This will help you to decide what to send to which segment of subscribers. Export and use your own list data. Some marketers buy email lists from others which is not considered as a good idea because others’ business may not match with yours one. So do some brainstorming to get the best outcome.



Did you make any of the mistakes listed above? Any other tip to add here? Share via comments!