Animated elements are trending on the modern web. One can easily attract visitors’ attention with lively contents like animated buttons, images, background videos etc. To delight your audience, you can add animations to your web pages in several ways. Let’s see few of them.



1. Hover Effects

These are very simple animations. Hover effects are mainly applied on buttons or call-to-action elements. When the mouse cursor moves over the element, the hover effect gets played. The button color can be changed when hovered or it may grow in size when the cursor touches it. There can be infinite other types of hover effects that you can apply on manywhere of your site. For another example, the navigation menu items could get some hover effects, article thumbnails/titles can get zooming/color changing effects etc. Try them in your own way, but don’t make the site bulky and over-animated. (Screen frames via



2. Background Videos

Background videos are very popular among high-profile brands and corporate houses. This trend is also found in SME sites. So, why don’t you try too? A good thing is always worth trying. Your site template may come with built-in background video support, if not, you can add manually as well. While planning a background video, keep some points in mind. Firstly, a video background could make your site load slower- so choose an optimum video format, resolution, length, size and content. It’s unlikely that the background video needs some sound. Rather keep it silent and loop. Maintain consistency so that the loops stay relevant. (Screen frames via



3. GIF Animations

GIF files are pioneering the world of animation. Although this format is less-used in high-res moving contents, but GIFs are pretty okay with low to medium resolution animations. You can take this advantage too. Want to deliver a quick message to your visitors? Create a GIF banner and put the message along with some eye-catching color and icon combination. It will definitely perform better than just a static notice board item. An image is worth more than lots of texts, and a GIF (or animated visual content) is much more than just a still image. Take this advantage! I found Gif Maker, a convenient online tool to create GIFs, videos, framed animations and so on from your images. You may also check it. (Screen frames via Smiley Cat)



You must have some your some more creative ideas on how to wow the audience with animated contents. What are these? Please share with us via comments!