The modern web and CSS are closely related with each other. With increased use and integration with popular apps like Photoshop and Sketch, CSS is proving its widespread acceptance continuously. Today I’ll introduce you to 7 top CSS tools to use in 2017.



1. Motion UI

Motion UI is a Saas library which you can use to create custom and flexible animation for transitions, user actions etc. It includes several modifiable readymade effects and animations that will definitely make your task easier. 



2. CSS Stats

This website can analyze and visualize useful CSS statistics about any site. Just enter a site URL and click the ‘Go’ button, the tool will show how many rules, selectors, declarations and properties are there, which colors are being used in fonts and backgrounds, raw CSS etc.



3. Drop.js

Drop is a JavaScript and CSS library that can create dropdown menus, Facebook style hover cards, actionable popups, information popovers etc. The elements you create with Drop, can resize, reposition and reorient to stay in view of the reader. 



4. Gradify

Gradify is a module that can create responsive CSS gradient as image placeholders. You can also use single-color placeholders instead of gradients. This tool will add some value to user experience with your site by displaying some calculated colorful hints of the images they are going to see.



5. Ai2html

Ai2html is a script that can convert your Adobe Illustrator documents to HTML and CSS. This Illustrator script exports files as HTML and CSS rather than images/SVGs because the texts and artworks of a page need to be handled differently when these are resized. So use it where applicable.



6. Animate Plus

Animate Plus is a modern browser supported CSS and SVG animation library. It’s very lightweight (3KB gzipped) and performant. Animate Plus offers several ways to display animated objects on a site. Stripe is one of the well-known companies who use Animate Plus.



7. Material

Based on Google Material Design philosophy, Daemonite's Material UI is cross-platform, responsive and lightweight frontend interface built with Bootstrap, JS, HTML5 and CSS.



Hope you will find these tools and frameworks useful in your dev projects. Do you have a suggestion too? Please share via comments.