Hello designers, what’s up? I’m back again with some design (typography) stuffs. Today I’ll show you the best 20 Google fonts to use in 2016. This list has been crafted after exploring the web and collecting information from latest trendy designs. So I hope you will find it useful. Let’s see!


1. Roboto


2. Open Sans


3. Lato



4. Droid Sans


5. Droid Serif


6. Noto Serif


7. PT Sans


8. Ubuntu


9. Lobster


10. Fjalla One


11. Domine


12. PT Serif


13. Karla


14. Raleway


15. Arvo


16. Oswald


17. Playfair Display


18. Playfair Display SC


19. Montserrat


20. Satisfy


That's all for this post. Try these fonts and let us know if you got any suggestion.