Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) is a vector image format that offers better scalability than pixel based image formats like JPG, PNG etc. SVG images can be zoomed almost infinitely. A PNG image can also be zoomed to a certain extent without losing much of its quality, but SVGs are more scalable than PNGs and more efficient in terms of file size. 


Drawing an SVG graphic piece requires special tool(s) unlike what it takes to draw a PNG or JPG image. For an example, you can create a PNG logo in Microsoft Paint, but this application cannot give SVG output. Adobe Illustrator, Sketch or even a text editor can be used to create an SVG image. You can use a traditional drawing software to draw a bitmap image and then convert that into SVG format to give more scalability. 


A simple JPEG/PNG image can look okay before zooming. But its edges and arts fade away when you zoom the image. SVG format is a solution to this problem. Here is a side by side example.

The left portion shows a zoomed JPG image where its edges and arts have been fainted. At the the right side, the same image has been displayed in SVG format with the identical level of magnification. Its edges are noise-free and sharp. That’s why, printing/publishing guys love SVGs for larger deployments. (Vectormagic screenshot)


You can convert your existing artwork to SVG format easily. I found Vectormagic offering two convenient ways to create SGV files from bitmap images. The company has an online service where you can upload images and see the SGV results on browser. If you want to download them, you need to sign-up with the site. A free account holder can download 2 SVG files for free. Paid subscribers can convert and download unlimited files with a $7.95 monthly package.


Vectormagic desktop app can be downloaded for free, but without buying its $295 unlimited license, you can only view SVG files in-window. To export the output, you must get a license.


I would definitely suggest you to try Vectormagic online version for free. After testing the free quota, you can go for a paid version of the software/service.


Do you have a software/service suggestion that can be used to convert bitmap images to vectors? Let us know via comments!