Hello designers, happy new year. Hopefully you’re enjoying the season. You know, Instagram is an amazing medium to share images online. It provides some great filters and tools to retouch photos. Today I’ll tell you about 10 Instagram users every designer should follow to get inspiration.


1. @SamLarson

Sam Larson is a freelance artist based in Portland, Oregon, US. His Instagram profile has a big collection of 1400+ inspiring posts and 290K followers. 



2. @alexmdc

Alex Solis is a designer and illustrator. This profile has 1700+ stunning icons and arts. 178K followers are getting inspired every day from Alex Solis, so you may do.



3. @dschwen

Dschwen LLC produces images and videos for brands to connect people. You will find 1400+ posts on their Instagram profile, and it’s followed by 135K people. 



4. @creaturebox

CreatureBox Comics designs characters and cartoons. If you work on comic books and need to design comic scene, @creaturebox can be an ideal provider. They have 500+ posts and 132k followers on the network.



5. @s_harrington

Steven Harrington is a Los Angeles, California based artist who has more than 300 eye catching artworks on his Instagram profile. He has 96.5K followers. 



6. @rylsee

Cyril Vouilloz, also known as RYLSEE, is a Berlin based artist. He offers several art lessons on Skillshare. Rylsee has 450+ posts on his Instagram profile and 87.8k people following him on the network.



7. @seanwes

Hand lettering artist & type designer Sean McCabe provides hand lettering typography works and also teaches how to do them. His Instagram profile has 800+ posts and 87.4K followers.



8. @mrseaves101

Gemma O'Brien shares photographs, arts and typography on the Instagram profile @mrseaves101. The account hosts 2100+ posts and has 79.3K followers.



9. @mdemilan

Designer and typography artist David Milan has 450+ posts on his Instagram profile. You can hire him as a freelancer. Mr. David has 56.7k followers on Instagram.



10. @emotionslive

Mike, an artist and designer from Prague has a big portfolio of mind-blowing artworks. He has more than 69K followers on Dribble. Mike’s Instagram account got 43.9k followers with just 47 posts.



Hope these resources will help you to gather inspiration and create more beautiful designs. Do you have a suggestion? Share via comments.