Email newsletter is a popular way to keep touch with target people. It’s an effective method to reach out the audience you care. If you follow some simple tricks, your email marketing campaigns could provide better result. What are those tricks?

1. Make Subscription Simple

First thing comes first. Make the email subscription system as simple as possible. Put the subscription form on your site homepage, social media profiles and anywhere else relevant. It’s a good idea to keep fewer ‘required field’ and make a shorter subscription form in length. You may use captcha to fight spam, nothing wrong with obvious security measures.

2. Make It Clear

What you are going to send, tell it your potential subscribers in advance. Many people avoid email subscription merely because of the fear of spamming. How frequently will you send emails to the subscribers? What will be the contents? Let the visitor choose what to send and what not. 

3. Make It Consistent

Design the email newsletter to give it a look that matches with your company. For example, you may like to place your company logo on the top of the newsletter. Also put your site’s social media links on the footer. Create contents consistent with your business’s regular tone.

4. Keep The Content Scannable

Yes I know, you want to tell something to the recipient. That’s totally okay. Instead of writing a long paragraph, divide the whole content into several portions. Give each section a headline. Now place them inside the newsletter template. Inserting some images will definitely add some value.

5. Be Compatible With Mobile

Think about the mobile users. Subscribers with mobile email clients may not be able to load all contents like computers. Try to keep the mail light. Make it sure that the email looks good on small screens as well. Use a responsive template.

6. Let Them Share

Make your emails shareable. Create a web version of the newsletter so that recipients can read the mail outside of their email programs. Insert social sharing buttons to let them publicize your exciting announcements. 

7. Check Stats

Track performance of your newsletter campaigns regularly. See who are caring about your messages and who are not. Create some compelling reasons for those who are not responding. Appreciate the loyal users. Do some brainstorming!

Email newsletter is very important in this digital marketing era. Misusing this could take your brand into spam box. Utilizing emails correctly can mark your brand emails as ‘Important’. So take it seriously.