Inspiration is precious. It powers creativity. That’s why I often gather a handful of creative, functional and beautiful websites to help web designers get inspired from the world. Today I’ve crafted a list of seven corporate/business sites to offer you yet another collection of new experience.



1. Soyuz Coffee

The title is self-explanatory. This site is all about coffee. It displays what it does and how you can enjoy the company’s products. The website is clean, simple and still gorgeous. You can find photos and in-depth descriptions about the functions of the coffee maker.



2. Fiber Sensing

This website represents an assessment and monitoring company that operates in multiple areas. The site beautifully illustrates every branch of the business with eye catching graphics and details.



3. Weltrade Pro

This business wants to make you rich. They deal with wealth trading. If you visit the site, you’ll find some serious-looking guys. Hovering mouse on these images will make them move. Creative indeed!



4. Tissot T-Touch

Tissot, the renowned watch maker hosts this site to display their T-Touch Tactile devices. The site loads with a splash screen showing an opening preview of interactive watches.



5. Squarespace

Squarespace is a popular website building platform. Its site gives us a hint on how much creative people are behind the service. Whether you use their platform or not, you can definitely get some inspiration.



6. Batman: Arkham Knight

This website showcases the game Batman: Arkham Knight. The site allows you to play online, watch relevant media, experience adventure, purchase the game and more.



7. Roger Dubuis

The Swiss watch maker Roger Dubuis got a stunning website with out of the box thinkings. When I first visited the site, I was welcomed with a video showing how these tiny watch parts work. This site’s contents can inspire you to create a great business/e-commerce site.


Found a cool business website? Share with us via comment!