In a previous post we have gathered a handful of online destinations to learn web design. There were both free and premium providers. Today we will see 7 popular YouTube channels where you can learn lots of things about web development. You will be able to access tons of free tutorials. And yes, some of them may show ads too. 


1. Google Developers

It’s Google’s official developer channel on YouTube. Here you will find videos of web development lessons, trends, best practices, news, talks and more. The channel has more than 3,800 videos and 779,032+ subscribers. Not only web, you can learn about Android, Chrome and iOS development as well.


2. Derek Banas

Derek Banas hosts more than 700 videos and 337,970+ subscribers. This channel covers CSS, Dart, Go, Haskel, JavaScript, Ruby, Swift, Visual C# and many more. The channel author invites visitors to suggest topics and says that he will make tutorials about anything you can imagine. It’s a great chance, so visit the channel and send him a message!


3. Thenewboston

Thenewboston is a huge place on YouTube that has attracted a whooping 1,051,445+  subscribers. The channel has over 4,000 videos on a range of tech topics. You can learn things about programming, game development, web design, web development and more on thenewboston. The people behind the channel has a website which they call the ‘social network for programmers’.


4. Codecourse

This channel was previously known as the PHP Academy. You will still notice the old name in the channel slug. But the title has been changed to Codecourse. The content creators say that they love to help you learn codes. The channel has 950+ video clips and 173,196+ subscribers. You also can join them today!



This channel has nearly one hundred video lessons and 130,406+ subscribers. It can help you to be a web development pro with its collection of rich tutorials. The topic list includes Angular.js, Backbone.js, CSS, CSS Layouts, Dev Ops, Deployment Strategies, HTML, JavaScript, Sublime Text, Responsive Design, Node.js, Server Administration etc.


6. Adam Khoury

With a pretty big collection of 700+ videos, Adam Khoury’s YouTube channel has attracted 119,689+ subscribers. The channel creator is a developer, author, designer and instructor who offers free video tutorials on development technologies like ActionScript, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, PHP, SQL and more.


7. DevTips

DevTips provides weekly videos on web design and development topics that can help you to learn a bunch of new stuffs regularly. The channel has uploaded more than 200 videos and attracted over 63,630 subscribers. Also there are video blogs (Vlogs), interviews all of which are very helpful to build a better dev career. 


You will find many other channels on YouTube with lots of useful coding lessons. Just make some searches to find them too. And don’t forget to check the above 7 channels. Let us know your thoughts via comments.