Security is one of the most common issues what a web admin cares about. After taking every possible measure, we should check if these steps meet the standards. Today I’m mentioning 7 free online tools these can scan a website to check whether it is infected by malware.

1. Sucuri SiteCheck

Sucuri presents online website scanning tool SiteCheck which can examine a site to find any known risk, malware, backdated software, malicious script, blacklist status etc. This tool can be used for free without any registration or form fill-up. It also provides resources to recover a hacked site. Sucuri is a familiar name in the field of web security and vulnerability checking. So its a good idea to try this tool.  

2. Virus Total

Virus Total is a subsidiary of Google. It provides a free online tool that can analyze and identify websites from a URL to detect malicious software or threats. The service runs multiple antiviruses and website scanners so that you will get an inclusive security report for your site. You can use a file or even search the web for malware too.It lets not only test the site itself, but also any single component before adding to the site.

3. Quttera

Quttera requires your website address to add to its scan list. Just put a site address into its input box and hit the Enter button. The company also has dedicated malware checking tools for WordPress sites and universal web monitoring & malware removal services. You can use its URL checking service for free without any sign-up. If you need more specified deployment, go for their other services.

4. Web Inspector

Web Inspector says that it uses a real browser clone along with other tools and popular plugins to detect, fix and prevent threats. It can show you your site’s current status regarding search engine blacklists, malware infections, SSL certification checking, multi-redirect malware activities and so on. You can try its scanning tool for free.

5. Hacker Combat

Hacker Combat provides a cloud-based Free Website Malware Scanner for scanning your websites and generating scan reports. This free tool would help you check website for malicious code or do free website security check. Since cyber attacks are becoming too rampant nowadays, it is recommended that you check your website with such tools to avoid any unwanted attack. Hacker Combat does the job for you.

6. Qualys SSL Labs

SSL Labs can perform a configuration check of any server on the public internet. It then rates the server with grades like A+, A, A-, B, C etc. The site has detailed resources on SSL/TLS deployment best practices. Qualys also conducts monthly SSL monitoring program which tests top Alexa ranked sites to check their server configuration and see the latest trend. 

7. MalCare

The free version of MalCare offers a scanner that detects complex malware that goes undetected in other popular plugins. Its early malware detection technology helps prevent blacklisting of your websites by Google or from being blocked by web hosts. The plugin focuses on the accuracy of identifying a malware and significantly reducing the number of false positives being reported. The free version also comes with a Firewall that protects your site 24/7 from bots, hackers, and so on. More features (like Malware Cleaner, Backups, Site Hardening, Site Management, White Labeling and Client Reporting) are available in the paid version.

While all of the above mentioned tools offer free security/vulnerability checkup service, you can get more advanced detection and protection features with paid subscriptions. Did you use any dedicated security monitoring service for your website? Which one? Share with us via comments!