A restaurant websites needs to be appealing. Designers have lots of things to consider here. It offers a great chance to impress the potential customer at a glance. This task isn't pretty easy. And yes, you can do it with a website having smart and attractive design. Today I’ll share 8 beautiful restaurant websites to get inspiration. Let's start!


1. Brindisa

Brindisa website shows just a full-screen slider that contains a promo HD video clip along with some other slides framing foods prepared by the cafe. It features a small sidebar at the left which links to internal pages like booking, subscription, information about the entity etc.


2. G2

G2 has a simply gorgeous website with a non-scrollable fit-to-screen interface. There is a navigation bar at the top. The food menus are presented with PDFs. That means your browser will open a PDF file when you are going to see what G2 makes.


3. L’Amour Fou

The L’Amour Fou website comes with a traditional flavour. It features cards with contents which make the site different. The top portion of of the home page sports a stunning photograph from the restaurant’s dining hall. This trend continues on each page with different scenes.


4. La Vista

La Vista Spanish Mediterranean Restaurant's homepage is crafted with a nice full-screen photography theme. The site uses a small flash animation to flow some light bubbles through the screen. The total design is a bit more minimalist comparing with the previous sites.


5. Giraffe

This restaurant has a clever design. They didn’t go for a full-screen non-scrollable theme, rather a generic UX. The site places a static banner on the top and a slider in the middle of the homepage. Giraffe presents modern tiles based presentation in an artistic way with business in mind- that’s awesome!


6. Mercer Tavern

I would describe this website as one of the cleanest, simplest and most modern version of restaurant sites. It may not have an HD video that touches each corner of your device screen, but the content presentation is really amazing. If you use a Windows phone, you may find some inspirations ;)


7. Easy Bistro

Easybistro.com has a generic semi-corporate style template that fetures a basic and smooth design. You will find lots of information at fingertips. One can book a table to hold their party right from the homepage. You may not feel hungry seeing the page, but it can definitely help you if you are hungry already.


8. Marco Grill

Well, if you were not feeling hungry after visiting the previous site, I hope this one will be different. The photos of grills on Marco Grill website are really yummy. Technically, the site “serves” delicious looking foods on top of a generic template with a slider, portfolio-style items and button based navigations.


Do you have a suggestion of an awesome restaurant site? Please let us know via comments.